I am Shafinaz

I am Shafinaz.
I am a bitch.
I swear a lot.
My mouth is like pop-corn in-the-making.
When there is no heat. I'm dormant and boring. I stay still. Nothing happens. But when there's heat, I POP AND MAKE NOISE.
I am very stubborn.
When I was young, too stupid and too young, my father always warned me to not wander around at the supermarket nearby the house; but I was too stubborn anyway, so I went.
I got caning buhuhahahahamehehehe kthxbye. 
My imaginations are mad. And fucked up. I will not let you in it.
I like reading news about mass massacres. When the death tolls are low, I feel bad. Jesper says I've got a high taste for bad events. Wtf.
Googleism is the shit. Ask Google anything, and you'll have an answer.
I won't classify the type of music that I like, as I barely listen to them anymore.
I believe I'm mentally ill.
I hate gory things. They'll linger in my head for days.
I'm a Muslim because I choose to be Muslim, not because my father or my mother is one. Not because it was shoved down my throat.
Religion is like a penis. It's good to have one. It's convenient to have one. But for the love of God, don't flash it in public, and don't shove it down you children's throats.