Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Broken Doll.

I promised myself to never get hurt again.

I promised myself to never cry like an idiot again.

I promise myself a lot of things.

Most of all, I promise not to fall again.

I failed to keep my promises.

Do I have anyone to blame? I can blame all the people that I want to, but I shouldn't.

Because I'm not a doll. I'm a living, breathing, thinking creature.

Why do people get hurt?

Or worse, why do we hurt ourselves?

Don't ask, "what did I do to deserve this?"

Rather, ask, "why did I let this happen to me?"

Being naive is never an excuse for what is not meant to be.

Being simple is never an excuse for what is not meant to be.

There are broken things that can be fixed.

A heart that is broken again and again, can't be fixed again and again. Because it exhausts.

My tears worth nothing compared to a lunchtime.

I've got nobody to blame but my own stupidity.

My stupidity in believing in false hopes, false promises, and false dreams.

My stupidity in believing stupidity itself.

p/s : If I was living in the 16th century and I wrote this in French or Italian, people would be building a tomb for my grave today, and students would be cracking their brains to figure me out to answer exams... I assume. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shafinaz's Day Out.

Long time no write. Me brain-dead.

I know this kind of day did just not happen to me!!

Yesterday I woke up and made a point to myself that I was going to shut my mind for the day and do whatever the hell that I wanted and could, buy whatever I wanted and could afford, and go where-ever I wanted and could reach.

Well... I didn't carve my name on the World Book of Records yesterday. I just went to a mall in Kuantan and wasted money buying things I don't really think I need.

So I hooked along with my friend, Kak Shima and wandered off to Kuantan aimlessly.

Here is a big-ass picture of Kak Shima. She was actually bearing the piercing toothache which was giving her a massive headache. 

The moment we reached the mall's entrance, she asked me a very smart question which I couldn't answer.

"Why the hell are we here? Are we going to waste money?"

Well, my mind is already shut, so I don't need a reason to be in a mall for the day. :p

You know that feeling when you look at something that looked like it will be useful for you, and buying it will be a good bargain for you; but deep down you know that you're just lying to yourself because you know that you'll never use it or you just do don't need it?

Uumm.. I bought a lot of them. From here on, I shall recap what was going through my head when I picked up these items.

I don't buy clothes when I don't need them, USUALLY. I shop for clothes like, once or twice a year; when it's almost Eid or when I decide it's time to turn down my wardrobe.. 

So this was completely unnecessary spending. 

They look good though. Found them at Brand's Outlet. They were selling these 2 pieces for RM29.90. Both are look-alike; the only difference is the colour. So, why not??

YAY!! I no longer need to buy toothbrush until July, 2013!! 

Indeed, I intended to buy myself a new toothbrush before I left home. 

At first I pick up another toothbrush which was also Colgate. I think it was at RM4.90 or something. The design was more or less like the ones in this pack, but this pack was only RM9.90. So it's cheaper to pick up this pack-of-five, right? 
My general thumb rules when buying new toothbrush are; the brush has to be crooked, the handle has to be comfy, and the brush has to be in medium. I'm not that fussy. Oh well. 

So, overall, I don't think I wasted anything on this.
The only downside of this pack is that it has no pink-coloured toothbrush. :(

Now, this is something I openly admit that I bought without even thinking. 

It is a spa salt which you can use to scrub your whole body with the hope that it will become brighter; as if your skin is just like the tiles on your bathroom walls which you can just scrub clean with some Cif paste!

I mean, look at the pictures of suggestion areas of the body for us to use this on! Most left picture is the picture a human's back. Reasonable. I scrub my back.

The second picture is the picture of the underarm. 
Fuck, no. Your armpit skin is not as thick as the buffalo's skin! Imagine rubbing sand onto your armpit if you are to use this product on your armpit as per the instruction on the pack! It'll be as painful as hell damnit!

The moment I picked it up, I knew I'll never trust this grainy scrubby thingy! I just took it because I wanted to play around with it. Who knows the grainy texture might be useful in... making sand art pictures?? Why I bought it remains a mystery... RM5.50, I think.

Plaster. RM1.50. You'll never know when you're gonna need it, right? One day; God knows when will that day come; I will need a plaster that is conveniently lying in my purse waiting for it's day to be used.

You can't say I'm wrong either on this! :p

Nah. I bought this because I always keep a few pieces of plasters on standby in my bag. Most of the time, I don't use it for myself. We have an aid kit at the workplace, but plaster is the item that we run out most frequently, and I don't have the convenience to run to the HR department all the time to replenish. Boring story.

What reason would one buy this item other than the fact that it smells good and it makes your wardrobe smells good too?? :D

I suddenly had the strongest urge to just get this home and hang it in my wardrobe, so I bought 2 pieces of these at RM3.50 each.

Umm... Yeah... I know I'll never be drinking this tea because it tastes like shit.

I took it because Kak Shima was telling me that this is good shit.

It came in a twin pack at RM24.00. I gave one pack to Kak Shima. We were suppose to split money for this, but she paid for my lunch; hence.

Why the fuck did I feel like colouring my hair? Oh, I forgot. I need no reason for I have shut my mind. :p

This hair dye was at RM12.90.

Honestly, I don't believe in Halal hair-colourant and non-halal hair colourant. I am also too lazy to elaborate on my remark so let's just leave this here as it is.

By the time I wrote this, I've already opened up this pack and coloured my hair. Nothing happened. The colour of the dye is exactly as my current hair colour. So it didn't do anything at all to my hair. 

I've written about not ever doing my hair colour myself again, but I'm just a monkey who can't wait for another days to get this box to the hairdresser just to see what will happen to my hair if I put this on, so I fucking did it myself. It was no rocket science.

Let's see if anything happens after a few washes.

I haven't had this jelly for the longest time!!

It's made of water, sugar, colourant and flavourant that has absolutely no nutritional values to your body, and it brings you no benefit because it will fuck your body more than doing any good to it. RM3.90 wasted.

Buying this can never be a waste of money!!

I'm at 24 now, so I have to live for another about 25 years of my life dealing with monthly period; so I am bound to use this product sooner or later. 

Just picked up this particular one because I saw the ads on the tv, and this is like, the newest variants the the Laurier has to offer. So I thought I'd give it a try. Intro price at RM3.90.

Another waste of money. It's hair oil that I bought with the hope that this will help with my hair loss.

but I know I will never finish this. I simply don't like using oil on my hair because it's hard to wash it off. 

I'll probably use this product twice or thrice, and after that the bottle will sit on the dressing table to expire. Happened before.

Why the fuck did I buy something that I know I'll never use?! Now I'm angry at myself!! :(((

This is not a waste of money. It's my foundation cream. Need this to make my make-up perfect.

After years of searching that one tone of the cream that shall match my skin perfectly, I found this. Since a year ago, I've been using this cream and only this cream as my foundation.

RM34.00 after 50% discount. Bought the first tube at RM69. So definitely not a waste of money.
Nuff said.

What waste of money?? This is staple food, okay?! 

Oh, boy... I starting to get lazy on elaborating the pictures... :p

You see, I have read countless times where experts (or so they called themselves?) saying that women are not supposed to wash themselves with the feminine wash everyday. If it's possible just don't ever use this. Because our down there has already have its own immune system; and washing yourself with the fem wash will only disturbs the balance of the bacteria (lactobacillus) and the fungus (candida) that co-exist inside the body and thus promote infections.

So I cut down using the wash from daily to once a week and finally I stopped using this wash completely.



Fuck me... I think it was either RM4.60 or RM4.90


I can't resist the taste! :3

But I don't really indulge into instant drinks, so these packs will stay in my drawer for a long, long time.

Overall, almost half of the items that I bought are a complete waste of money; while the rest of them are things that I don't require; although they can come in handy.

I am yet to discover the art of controlling the urge to buy these random items just because the moment I  saw it, my head goes, "this object looks interesting. It may or may not benefits me but I'm going to buy it anyway because I can't even think about living my life in the agony; wondering what my life could have been like by having this object around. I MUST BUY THIS."

Like I said, it didn't just happened to me. :p

At least they are just random everyday items. Not like I wasted money on buying a life that I can't afford, or something. I definitely will not turn into an excessive- compulsive shopper...

So I'm not that hopeless after all. :3

As usual, I shall end this blog with a camwhore picture of myself. :p

P/S : (16th Oct, 2013) from my blog's viewers' stats, somehow, this entry was visited the most by readers. I re-read it and, my God, I had lots of grammatical errors here and there. I think I didn't really do any proof-reading on this entry; hence. Still to lazy to correct them tho.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Instant My Ass!

I don't understand... Why the hell is this called instant noodles...




It tastes good tho.