Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Just got back from the hospital three days ago...

It feels like I took a punch right below my chest, but the pain remains for a few hours. The pain repeat itself everyday, at about the same time. None of the medicines that I got from the clinic helped with the pain at all. It took me about two weeks before I got it in my brain that the pain that I was experiencing, was not just a common gastric attack. I knew I had to see a specialist as soon as possible.

On last Sunday evening, as I was kicking a table in the office bearing the excruciating pain, I called up Huzas.

"I can't cope with this pain anymore. I don't think the meds are helping. Could you please drive me to the hospital?"

Twenty minutes later, at about 6:00pm, I was at the hospital, trying to calm my nerves. By then, the reader showed that my blood pressure shot way up to 167/97. I always hate getting my blood pressure read anyway. That freaking tight band thing is really annoying. :(

Since it was Sunday, and the doctor had to be called in to perform inspection, the hospital laid me on a comfy bed in the waiting room, and in came the needle into my vein, dripping the saline water into my blood. The nurse gave me a quick beauty advice as she pricked the needle ever so softly into my skin.

"You're not drinking enough water, dear. Your skin is so dry!"

The sight of the needle sticking out from under my skin. Oh, how lovely.
God knows what magic potion they gave me, but it completely made the pain disappear temporarily, and I was ridiculously high on my happy clouds, laughing and giggling on one of the doctor's hair.

Spent the whole Sunday night in my ward room watching tv and basically not doing much. I wasn't allowed to eat nor drink from starting 12am, which makes me even more bored. They probably gave me something as I did not feel hungry at all the whole time.

I met Dr Gan the next morning, and he explained to me that I was to go through an endoscopy procedure at 2.30pm to find out what's going on inside my tummy.

Endoscopy wasn't hard. I went to sleep. I woke up. Done deal. But, before I was in the endoscopy lab, they made me drink a solution called Fortrans, which was a nightmare. It was the worst thing that I have ever tasted in my life. It tasted like as if the nurse took a car tire and soaked it overnight and then spooned in some sugar and a tonne of salt into it. It was horrible! To make it worse, I had to finish a whole freaking jar!

Tar water. YUCK.

Every cup that I managed to gulp down, I vomited out half of it. Ugh... Had to drink this because I had to clear up my whole gastro track. Which means that I had to drink this until I'm just pooping water, as that indicates that my whole gut has been cleared of any remaining poopy, as the nurse instructed. I actually poured half of the jar into the sink because, really... the drink sucked the life out of me. :(

Anyway, I finally got it done, and they took me to the lab. By then I was already dozing off even without the anesthetic jab, because of the nausea dose that the nurse gave me before. My gosh, the amount of medicine that went into through my hand that day...

By the time I woke up, I remember asking the nurse what time it was, she told me it's 6:30pm and took me back to my room, and I dozed off again.

Got the result the next day, when the doctor showed me that the video of his findings. Apparently my acid reflux is so bad, that most of the opening to my stomach (the lower end of my esophagus) had taken hits, burned, and blackened. The valve that was supposed to stop the acid from going up, had weakened, somehow. There's also some swelling somewhere which I can't remember. He also said that it's a good thing that he also found the swelling, because if left untreated, it could potentially develop into cancer. :(

But not to worry, as he said; six months of clean, proper diet, and medicine, and I will be good as new.

By now, I'm still experiencing the burn, but the intensity had significantly reduced, that it's bearable.

I can't drink COFFEE!! :((((

Caffein will relax my already-weakened valve furthermore, so no caffeinated anything for me. No coffee, tea, chocolate.

I also have to avoid high fat and deep fried food. Nothing spicy or tardy either. There goes the list of my favourite everything.

BUT! I definitely don't look at food the same way again. As for now, I'm too afraid to eat anything but bananas, dates, and bland, home-made baby food. Yeah, baby food...

Oh well, I'm definitely losing weight, ya know. :D