Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cat Poop Dilemma

One of the downsides of having kitties in my house is that if I don't handle their poo-poo and pee-pee accordingly, my house will smell like a horse barn, which is not a good smell. In fact, it's beyond disgusting.

I have no experience of keeping indoor cats or whatsoever before this, so I had to learn from scratch, just like how mothers would learn how to handle their firstborns.

After searching high and low, experimenting around with different brands of cat litters, I've found the solution to getting rid of the smell completely. I swear that there is no cat poop smell at all in my house. But first, I'll share what I've tried so far in my effort to trying to get rid of the smell.

The first time I asked Num, the lovely lady who owns the pet shop that I go to, to suggest me a good brand of cat litter, she suggested me Ever Clean Cat Litter. It is manufactured by the same company that makes Clorox bleach, but don't let that scare you away just yet! A box costs about RM60 for 11.3kg.

It really works in getting rid of the smell COMPLETELY, but cleaning my litter trays were a nightmare. The sand stuck to the trays almost like cement, and cleaning was almost impossible! I had two separate trays for each cat, because I had to keep them in two different cages (I will explain below why I separated them when they were young). So...

After finishing the whole box, I never bothered to buy Ever Clean again for a while. I switched from one brand to another, hoping that I will find my match, while my house was disgustingly fumed by the smell of cat urine.

It wasn't long before I gave up on scooping their poop. I just change the whole box with fresh sand every two to three days or so, but that wasn't cost-effective, and of course, even that, didn't help getting rid of the smell. By this time, I have also tried lining the tray with baking soda powder, and leaving a tiny piece of sponge soaked with vinegar into the litter box, which didn't help at all.

I googled around a lot for a solution too. A forum suggested that the brand Arm And Hammer works wonderfully on smell issues, even when mixed with other brands of cat litter. Unfortunately, Arm and Hammer is not available in Malaysia. 

So I went back to using Ever Clean, but this time, I mix it with Purina TidyCats cat litter, and Heaven answered my prayers! :D

Costs about RM12 for a bag of 5kg.

I've tried mixing Ever Clean with a few other brands, but by far, TidyCats 24/7 performance works the best. I pour in the whole bag of TidyCats, and mix it with about two cups (500g) of Ever Clean sand into a tray which I've lined with a huge garbage bag. I scoop the tray daily, and once a week, I change the whole thing with fresh litter sand. Using the plastic bag as a base saves a lot of time when I clean the tray. No more nonsense such as baking soda powder or vinegar-soaked sponges!

It's been two months and there is no allergic reaction or whatsoever from my kitties. 

Now, here's another story. The night that I picked up both of my boys, I noticed that Pine had a habit of suckling on Charlie's... willy. -_-U

But the reason why he did so was only because he was too hungry, and he was looking for his mommy to feed him. He also did the same thing whenever he was going to sleep. At first, I thought that it was a normal thing that kitties just do, so I let them be, but on the third day, I began to realise that Charlie had zero energy. He could only walk a step or two before he would lay back onto his side. He didn't want to play either. When I picked him up, he just laid flat on my palm. It was obvious that he was not well. At that moment I figured that Charlie wasn't getting enough sleep, because Pine kept clutching on to his willy! Poor Charlie! 

I got Pine into a separate cage, so that he could break his habit, and Charlie could get his much-needed rest. It's okay for them to be placed together now though. I only keep them in the cage during night time when I go to sleep, or when I'm at work. At other times, they're allowed to run freely around the house. My housemate is also kind enough to help me to look after them. She fills their bowls, and let them out of the cage when she's around. Another reason why I have to keep them in from time to time because I have another housemate who is really scared of cats, but Charlie loves her so much... -_-U

Am I going to turn this blog into another cat-blog? o.O