Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's Wrong?

What is so wrong if I walk into a computer store and ask, "Do you sell keyboards for Acer Aspire One series?"

Yeah, I broke mine somewhere around last week. It's just me; no matter how many times I make a silly mistake, somehow my brain just can't frikking learn to not do it again the next time. I was watching a movie, and while I was at it, I had a big bottle of nail polish remover right next to the netbook... Wellll.. I don't think I need to say what happened next. 

In less than two minutes, I unplugged all power supplies, and disassemble the top part of the netbook. Nail polish remover dries up pretty quickly, but I had to make sure that it didn't sip to any other vital parts of the netbook; and luckily it didn't. Otherwise I'll forever live in the tormenting thoughts of how my two seconds of stupidity ruined my precious device... T_T

this is just how far I opened it, because the liquid didn't go any deeper

The acetone in the remover kind of detached some of the keys from the board, but nothing my false lashes glue can't hold together! :D Improvising guru

Acetone all dried up, screws screwed back in their places, and I tried to turn it on again. All worked well, up until when I tried to type in my Windows password...

No matter how many times I tried to type it in, it says that I'm typing in the wrong password. T_________T
I was convinced that I have probably ruined the ribbon thing that connects the keyboard to the system while I was frantically detaching it before.

I'm a master at confidently opening my electronic devices with my Made-in-China-six-pieces precision screwdriver set, always accompanied by the knowledge of not knowing if I can successfully, precisely, reassemble them back to normal. So this was also the case with my dear netbook.

So, while waiting to get my hand on a new set of keyboard, I'm using a friend's laptop, which runs on Linux (I get allergies at the mention of the word Linux), but I'll have to tolerate.

SO, today, after work, I went to a computer hardware shop and asked, "Do you sell keyboards for Acer Aspire One series?"

The answer that I got?

A confused look on the shop owner's face, followed by, "You can't just buy the keyboard, you'd have to take your machine here so that we can do it for you,"

Yeah, put that stupid face on and play dumb with me so that you can charge  RM300 for something that costs RM50. I know your trick, mf.

Yes, I maybe clumsy, I'm definitely not a geek, and I may not know how to disassemble the whole unit to bits then put it all back together into one functioning piece, but there's no tutorial that doesn't exist on Youtube, duh! Even a 10-year-old can learn how to change the keyboard of a laptop from Youtube.

I learned it through experience. Years ago, when I was running on an Asus K40AB, I broke my screen. I know it was just the the screen that was broken because when I attached the laptop to another screen, it worked fine. Sent in my laptop for repair, and the idiot who "fixed" it changed the whole motherboard itself into something garbage-can worth and charged me RM400. I don't know how to explain it in a technical language because I'm not a geek. But I know what I'm saying is based on facts; not based on my female-hormones-charged-instinct. :( But it was too late by the time that I learned the fact that I was, in fact, ripped-off.

So this guy at the computer shop I went to this evening, kept insisting, "You have to bring your netbook here, it needs to be sent to our computer workshop to get it done,"

Uhh.. Yeahh.. "What? It's just a broken keyboard. I can fix it myself because I know how to change my keyboard. I don't need your workshop. Thanks," and I left.

Mister, I know you must be really smart. Being an immigrant who worked hard to make your way in the country and to the point to own your own establishment in this country where our own citizen are complaining on how life is hard, lands are expensive, inflation is going crazy, etc; you just have to have good brains to go with it. But why try to cheat me over a simple stupid keyboard?

Or was it me that looked too dumb?

Anyway, when I came back home, I turned on my netbook again, and somehow the keys are working again. But I shall replace my keyboard anyway because it feels funny to type on the keys which I re-attached with my false-lashes glue. -_-u

Do you notice that some of the keys are bent downwards?