Friday, September 6, 2013

My Housemates

My housemates are a bunch of monkeys...


Dear housemates,

Why is it that every time I wipe the floor to mirror clean perfection and leave the house, when I come homw, I can see footprints and sometimes just weird unexplainable stains on the floor? What the hell have you all been doing while I was gone? Are your feet/butt that oily that you have to leave marks everywhere?

I cook too, sometimes. But every time after I've finished, I'll clean the kitchen and wash the sink spotless. But you guys! You can't even boil a pack of Maggi mee without leaving the noodle crumbs on the stove. Are you blind?

Why is there HAIR on the toilet's floor trap? Why? Does your hair fall every time you take a dump? Why can't you turn the frikking lights off after you're done? Why is it that you never turn off all lights and fans anywhere in the house when you're no longer using them? Are you retarded?

This is how I always put it...

...and this is how it is after 10 minutes, every time. Do you have something against tidiness or what?

Why do you have to squeeze too much toothpaste onto your toothbrush and leave half of the paste sticking in the sink everyday? Why can't you flush off the toothpaste?

When are you going to throw that yong tau fu that you bought on the 5th of Ramadhan that is still in the fridge?

The living hall is not your wardrobe, so don't blame me if your shirts have gone missing. I probably have mistaken them as floor rag.

Are you suffering from Alzheimer's or something? It's been like 348354 times that I came back from work and found that the iron was not turned off. Are you planning to burn down the house?

I don't care if your room is a polar bear's cave, filled with fish's bones and heads, but everywhere else in the house are shared areas so keep them clean!!


The date stamp tells you how long this issue has been sitting in my mind.. :p

I saw something interesting and I just have to answer to the keyboard warrior calling within me. This guy said that Hindustanis are dirty creatures.


I am one. I live with another three Malay girls.

They take time to put on nice clothes and do their hair and smell good every time before leaving the house. They don't care if flies are breeding and maggots are jumping around in the wastebin in the kitchen. They just don't give a damn if the bathroom's walls are covered in moss and the floor is infested with grimes.

It's me who makes sure garbage are thrown out every single fucking day. It's me who scrubs the bathroom floors and walls to spotless perfection. I just can't stand living in a dirty house. I like to come back to a nice clean little home after work.

Cleanliness is not related to which race you belong to. It's about attitude.

p/s: (Oct 19th, 2013) All of my housemates have moved out, and other new girls have moved in since September. Fortunately, these ladies have good common sense in keeping the house clean and tidy. Thank GOD!!