Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog About Blogging

Why do I write?

Lemme tell you a little secret about myself, and a sneak-peak into what's inside my head.

I write because I am constantly talking to myself on the inside. As soon as I my brain starts running as I wake up everyday, I will be asking myself 1001 questions; from the stupidest shit that will never ever matter, to one of mankind's mystery that remains to be solved.

Like right now, what is spinning in my head is, "Why do I write what I write?"

Everybody do this; yes, I know (talking to themselves on the inside, I mean; not writing. Who has time??). But sometimes it's too much, that I get the urge to write them down before I forget; hence the writing . It's like I suddenly need to explain it to myself a good reason for me to write. I guess this is what it is to be too opinionated! You think it matters to explain it to yourself, and everyone else, eventho it is proven that not a single shit was given by anyone. :((

But, but! There are some nice stories (imo) too! 
When I was working in the hotel, there was a time when we had a guest who stayed for quite a while. At that time, he was 'stuck' there in out hotel due to work; this guy is an engineer from Goa, and he's in the oil and gas field. He made friends with just about everyone in the hotel; the waiters, cashiers, housekeepers, etc. Once, this guy came up to the counter, and I was feeling chatty, and so we chatted. Through my Skype ID (yes, I gave my Skype ID to this stranger, because I don't remember the last time I've used it!), he found my blog. The next day, he asked, "Is shafinazm.blogspot written by you?"
HAHAHA! "Yeap, that's mine, but I haven't written anything for so long," was what I said with a big grin because I really wasn't writing anything at that point. 
"You should really write! Write a book, even! You've got a good way of expressing your thoughts. Please don't stop, or it'd be a waste of talent. But, please, please, please cut down the whole swearing and cursing," said the engineer form Goa, giving a taste of fame and glam to a nobody from Cherating with his words, as if I was Maya Angelou. :P
"If you think my writing is good, then I know you would be able to write better, because it seems easy for you to start a conversation with just anyone. Because, to me, writing it just like talking to another person; instead of saying the words out one by one, you write it down."

I assume it also the matter of preferences. I write because I have so much thoughts running in my head, and I don't want to forget, and I think it matter to tell it to others. It's not like everybody has the time or the energy to do this.

Do I blog for attention? Pfft! I'd put up hundreds of edited camwhore pictures of myself and blog on every other day, if that is my intention! :D Although... that seems like a good idea to get BIG traffic and make money... hm...

Ok, here's one:

in a hospital's public toilet during one Ramadhan afternoon. Pfft! Dan lagi!