Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Nothing

Never ever trust on anyone else than yourself for anything. Ever.

Once in a while, The Bad tries to climb the ladder again. The Good comes with promises and hopes and colours, to help The Bad to get back in place.

The Bad reaches out a hand, putting in all hope and dreams in it, to The Good.

The Bad believes in all the promises, and the promise to deliver the promises that The Good has.

But what The Bad have forgotten is that The Good, can become fallen too.

What The Bad forgot is that The Good, after all, is also human.

Promises remain promises, and wither as faint echoes.

The Good becomes The Bad; be it in denial or not, and The Bad miserably becomes nothing less than The Nothing.

So never count on anyone else but yourself. Even if you fail miserably, there will be no need the suffer the pain of knowing that the blame is on someone else's shoulder. There will be no need to suffer the pain of knowing that you are the fool to trust that 'someone else'.