Monday, October 14, 2013

Choc-Cheese-Toasted Sandwich

This is a SINFUL snack. Made solely to entertain your taste buds, and it will take approximately two hours of jogging at 6km/hr to burn it off your belly/hip/butt, so try this at home at your own risk!

What you need:

2 slices of sandwich breads (160kcal)
1 slice of cheddar cheese (290kcal)
20g of eating chocolate (300kcal). You may add more chocolate if you wish. I just used Cadbury Dairy Milk Choc.


1. Heat up the frying pan with medium-low heat, and start toasting the bread; but remember to toast only one side of each of the bread. These will be on the inside of your sandwich later. Take them off the pan and onto a plate.

2. On the toasted side of the bread, and put the cheese on it. Then break the chocolate into tiny pieces and spread them evenly on the cheese. Pile on the second slice of the toast. Now you have a sandwich.

3.Toss the sandwich back into the pan, and keep toasting until you get both sides of your breads to be as brown as you want them to be. While the sandwich is being toasted, the cheese and choc on the inside will melt and stick the two pieces of bread together, giving it a wonderful texture, flavour, and consistency.

4. Serve!

The outside of the sandwich is crunchy, and on the inside, its gooey, sweet, and of course, cheesy. Nice to be eaten when its still warm. For extra flavour and sin, you can toast the bread with some butter. But thats also maybe another half an hour on the treadmill.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just What Malaysians Need!

Just What Malaysians Need!

#1. Drive 50km/h on the right lane and insists on staying on the same lane eventhough all five cars that have drove pass you on your left are honking and cursing at you.

#2. Putting up a helluva drama at McDonald's outlets all over Malaysia because they ran out of minion dolls.

#3. More construction sites for high-rise houses, shoplots, offices, etc. Each time a new building rises, its just uglier than the one made before it!

#4. Higher toll prices. Dey when are you guys going to stop collecting la?!

#5. People who squat on public toilet seats and leave their shoe prints on them.

#6. Laughing exaggeratedly while watching an English movie in the cinema with the intention to make it clear to others that you understood the dialogues. I kid you not that this do happen very more often than you think.

Once, I ended up yelling "Can you please not distract me?! Thanks!" at the couple which were sitting next to me because she and her stupid boyfriend were laughing so hard when nobody else is; over the stupidest pun lines. We were watching Riddick! Tell me if there really is a scene worth laughing your ass off in that movie!

#7. Yelling at random strangers who are just having fun because you are a sad and angry person.

#8. Tudung-short-sleeves-tight-skinny-jeans combo (especially when you are fat).

#9.Fuel-price hike!

#10. "Preferably chinese-speaking candidates" written in job advertisements. Really?! Geez.. I think I should make a whole separate post on this topic.

#11.Broken bridges, collapsed stadium and supermarket buildings...

This is as close as I could get

#12. Orange peeler. Who the hell needs an orange peeler?! What's wrong with peeling it with your fingers? It takes the same amount of time to peel an orange with this stupid peeler, or using fingers! This is not only not needed by Malaysian, but also not needed by the rest of the world's population.

It is just a filthy excuse to spend RM3.90 on two little
 plastic pieces that will end up staying in your kitchen's drawer forever.
#13. LED lights underneath the rear car plate numbers that blinks retardedly every time the car brakes. I don't know which soul came up with this idea.

Ultimately, I can't understand why would anyone even put this on their car...

#14. If both of you are just going to sit there and stare at your own phones, then why bother going out together anyway?

hewhewhew sneaky me...

#15. Shaking your phone to find random strangers on WeChat while you are in a surau. Like, really. Where is your respect? I know its a WeChat shake because I know what it sounds like.
I was a bit pissed off when I snapped this pic. This is when this girl was recording her audio message to be sent over WeChat
This is when she was listening to the audio message sent to her. For the love of God, you are in a surau, where you should be as quiet as possible to respect other jemaahs who are performing their prayer. Its so inappropriate on every level there are.
#16. Random strangers snapping your pictures while you were in public places without you even knowing it. kthxbye

I might add more to the list in the future!! :D

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's Wrong?

What is so wrong if I walk into a computer store and ask, "Do you sell keyboards for Acer Aspire One series?"

Yeah, I broke mine somewhere around last week. It's just me; no matter how many times I make a silly mistake, somehow my brain just can't frikking learn to not do it again the next time. I was watching a movie, and while I was at it, I had a big bottle of nail polish remover right next to the netbook... Wellll.. I don't think I need to say what happened next. 

In less than two minutes, I unplugged all power supplies, and disassemble the top part of the netbook. Nail polish remover dries up pretty quickly, but I had to make sure that it didn't sip to any other vital parts of the netbook; and luckily it didn't. Otherwise I'll forever live in the tormenting thoughts of how my two seconds of stupidity ruined my precious device... T_T

this is just how far I opened it, because the liquid didn't go any deeper

The acetone in the remover kind of detached some of the keys from the board, but nothing my false lashes glue can't hold together! :D Improvising guru

Acetone all dried up, screws screwed back in their places, and I tried to turn it on again. All worked well, up until when I tried to type in my Windows password...

No matter how many times I tried to type it in, it says that I'm typing in the wrong password. T_________T
I was convinced that I have probably ruined the ribbon thing that connects the keyboard to the system while I was frantically detaching it before.

I'm a master at confidently opening my electronic devices with my Made-in-China-six-pieces precision screwdriver set, always accompanied by the knowledge of not knowing if I can successfully, precisely, reassemble them back to normal. So this was also the case with my dear netbook.

So, while waiting to get my hand on a new set of keyboard, I'm using a friend's laptop, which runs on Linux (I get allergies at the mention of the word Linux), but I'll have to tolerate.

SO, today, after work, I went to a computer hardware shop and asked, "Do you sell keyboards for Acer Aspire One series?"

The answer that I got?

A confused look on the shop owner's face, followed by, "You can't just buy the keyboard, you'd have to take your machine here so that we can do it for you,"

Yeah, put that stupid face on and play dumb with me so that you can charge  RM300 for something that costs RM50. I know your trick, mf.

Yes, I maybe clumsy, I'm definitely not a geek, and I may not know how to disassemble the whole unit to bits then put it all back together into one functioning piece, but there's no tutorial that doesn't exist on Youtube, duh! Even a 10-year-old can learn how to change the keyboard of a laptop from Youtube.

I learned it through experience. Years ago, when I was running on an Asus K40AB, I broke my screen. I know it was just the the screen that was broken because when I attached the laptop to another screen, it worked fine. Sent in my laptop for repair, and the idiot who "fixed" it changed the whole motherboard itself into something garbage-can worth and charged me RM400. I don't know how to explain it in a technical language because I'm not a geek. But I know what I'm saying is based on facts; not based on my female-hormones-charged-instinct. :( But it was too late by the time that I learned the fact that I was, in fact, ripped-off.

So this guy at the computer shop I went to this evening, kept insisting, "You have to bring your netbook here, it needs to be sent to our computer workshop to get it done,"

Uhh.. Yeahh.. "What? It's just a broken keyboard. I can fix it myself because I know how to change my keyboard. I don't need your workshop. Thanks," and I left.

Mister, I know you must be really smart. Being an immigrant who worked hard to make your way in the country and to the point to own your own establishment in this country where our own citizen are complaining on how life is hard, lands are expensive, inflation is going crazy, etc; you just have to have good brains to go with it. But why try to cheat me over a simple stupid keyboard?

Or was it me that looked too dumb?

Anyway, when I came back home, I turned on my netbook again, and somehow the keys are working again. But I shall replace my keyboard anyway because it feels funny to type on the keys which I re-attached with my false-lashes glue. -_-u

Do you notice that some of the keys are bent downwards?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Awat La Hampa Wujud?

Ni la benda paling terenchat aku penah jumpak dalam sejarah aku meng-google tak tentu hala setakat ni...

Kepada owner pic, sori pinjam tanpa permission.

bukan salah budak pompuan dalam pic tu so aku bleep muka dia

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Housemates

My housemates are a bunch of monkeys...


Dear housemates,

Why is it that every time I wipe the floor to mirror clean perfection and leave the house, when I come homw, I can see footprints and sometimes just weird unexplainable stains on the floor? What the hell have you all been doing while I was gone? Are your feet/butt that oily that you have to leave marks everywhere?

I cook too, sometimes. But every time after I've finished, I'll clean the kitchen and wash the sink spotless. But you guys! You can't even boil a pack of Maggi mee without leaving the noodle crumbs on the stove. Are you blind?

Why is there HAIR on the toilet's floor trap? Why? Does your hair fall every time you take a dump? Why can't you turn the frikking lights off after you're done? Why is it that you never turn off all lights and fans anywhere in the house when you're no longer using them? Are you retarded?

This is how I always put it...

...and this is how it is after 10 minutes, every time. Do you have something against tidiness or what?

Why do you have to squeeze too much toothpaste onto your toothbrush and leave half of the paste sticking in the sink everyday? Why can't you flush off the toothpaste?

When are you going to throw that yong tau fu that you bought on the 5th of Ramadhan that is still in the fridge?

The living hall is not your wardrobe, so don't blame me if your shirts have gone missing. I probably have mistaken them as floor rag.

Are you suffering from Alzheimer's or something? It's been like 348354 times that I came back from work and found that the iron was not turned off. Are you planning to burn down the house?

I don't care if your room is a polar bear's cave, filled with fish's bones and heads, but everywhere else in the house are shared areas so keep them clean!!


The date stamp tells you how long this issue has been sitting in my mind.. :p

I saw something interesting and I just have to answer to the keyboard warrior calling within me. This guy said that Hindustanis are dirty creatures.


I am one. I live with another three Malay girls.

They take time to put on nice clothes and do their hair and smell good every time before leaving the house. They don't care if flies are breeding and maggots are jumping around in the wastebin in the kitchen. They just don't give a damn if the bathroom's walls are covered in moss and the floor is infested with grimes.

It's me who makes sure garbage are thrown out every single fucking day. It's me who scrubs the bathroom floors and walls to spotless perfection. I just can't stand living in a dirty house. I like to come back to a nice clean little home after work.

Cleanliness is not related to which race you belong to. It's about attitude.

p/s: (Oct 19th, 2013) All of my housemates have moved out, and other new girls have moved in since September. Fortunately, these ladies have good common sense in keeping the house clean and tidy. Thank GOD!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Too many snatch-theft cases going around!! 

It has come to the point where not only these cases don't make any articles in the newspaper anymore, even failed attempts of snatching is no longer a new thing. In fact, there are now tonnes of videos of these unlucky, failed loser being beaten by bystanders available for them too keep just so that they can remind themselves of the humiliation of their failure, and so that they should have not been born into this world.

I guess snatch-thieving is a really profitable activity, that is why, just like Aurawhite 900,000mg Collagen and Shape Plus Weight Controller retailers, there are so many of these thieves.

Just a few days back, While I was strolling home with a friend after dinner, oh how bad was our luck, we heard the victim's screaming. Six guys on three bikes attacked a couple who were in a car, and, as usual, they were geared with parang. Lucky for the couple they were not hurt. But somehow I guess the victims were somewhat stupid...
As the car were being squeezed by the bikes, instead of speeding up and just running over one of them, the driver intelligently slowed down, rolled down his window, and asked them, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!". Way to go. Were you trying to impress your scared girlfriend? 

So the thieves snatched a handbag, some jewelleries and the car key. All in less than 10 seconds.

A few months back, there was a case worse than this. A lady was attacked by a man and got one slash on the back of her head, and countless on her right hand because she wouldn't let go of her handbag. Damn me I had to see the open wound on her almost-falling-off right arm which exposed her red flesh and white bones.


What is it with women carrying around bags and stuffing them with things that they might never use?!

"What if there is no handwash at the restaurant and I need some?" *stuffs a mini bottle of handwash in the bag*

"Oh! tissue papers!" *as if they're not readily available everywhere!*

"What if I need to take off my lenses?" *stuffs lense case and travel-sized lense solution in*

"what if my hands get dry?" *in goes a small bottle of lotion*

"I might need more tissues," *puts in another three packs of tissues*

"I might drop and lose the hairband that I'm wearing now so might as well have some spare," *drops in additional four pieces of hairband*



Ladies, it's really time to get our shit together and stop lying to ourselves. Most of the time, all of these extra things that we carry in our bags, WE NEVER EVEN TAKE'EM OUT, SO WE DON'T NEED'EM!

Purse, keys, and phone. That's it! Keep'em all in the pockets of your pants. If you're just going for out from the office for lunch, just carry enough money to buy lunch; like a bill of RM10 or RM20; there is no need to carry the whole purse.

It's never worth being slashed with a parang just because you want to carry a handbag and look stylish.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Dillemas

I have been too lazy to write!! :D

I must say that wedding is one of the topic that I love to hate.

Just like the price for houses, weddings in Malaysia has become so freaking expensive. Little by little, new trends and norms appears, and wedding expenditures are becoming ridiculous.

Why do we have wedding receptions? When a couple gets married, the main reason that we have one is to announce the wedding itself to the public.

Call me stingy, but why is it not enough to just have a wedding reception with good food? Why the photographers, door gifts, sound systems, karaoke set, pelamin, bride's room, theme colour, and God know what else?

It is no longer relevant to have just candies in plain paper boxes as the door gift at the reception. The boxes has to be at least ribboned and frilled, and made out of porcelain. Of course a candy box has to come in a bag that also contain a small low-quality hankie that is wrapped like a popiah, and a pair of tiny little fork-and spoon (which usually ends up in bins), and probably a small sourvenir cup that says, " Thank You" or "XXX weds YYY". If you think that it is a good idea to put those little cups and candy boxes that you get in wedding receptions as decorations on your display tables or racks at homes, well, IT'S NOT! For some unknown reason, I get annoyed to see these rubbish we get at weddings made as deco items. Why do even waste money on pointless door gifts? Why not spend the money for an ice cream stand at the reception instead?

I don't remember that we had theme colours for weddings from when I was younger. If it was a Hindustani wedding, the bride wore red paica and lotsa jewelleries that make them looked like monkeys, and the guy wore suits and ties. But now, yay, we've got theme colours! Now everybody can wear the same peach colour, and we can all look like walking curtains; as if there is not enough peach curtains and linings hanging around everywhere at the function! I have been invited to functions where the host of the reception would be like, "yes, please come to the reception, but, oh, please wear blue because that will be the bride's theme colour." Like, really?! What happened to just, "we're humbly inviting you our wedding reception,"?

Now, food. There are people who dares to complains, "Balik- balik nasi minyak dengan ayam merah.Mana sate/ayam golek??" OII!!! If  your whole intention to attend to a wedding reception is only to to complain about the food, then please, by all means, do not go. Please just stay home and cook your own food perfectly according to your tastebuds! You are invited, so that means you are still socially accepted by soceity, so shut your hole and praise God.

Make up. My dear God, save the brides from their life-long humiliation. You may think that nagging your mak andam into applying foundation cream that is four shades lighter than your actual skin colour will make your face radiantly glow, but it is a mistake that makes even a supermodel looks unforgivably ugly; beastly ugly that deserves you to be locked up. So, don't. Just shut up and let him/her finish her job colouring your face properly. I've talked about this before.
This picture proves that with enough amount of makeup, there's hope for just about everyone to look pretty! Yay! 

Hantaran. We should stop frigging doing this stupid hantaran culture! Seriously! I have tonnes to say about this. Here are some screencaps of my keyboard battle with a makcik that I don't know.

Click to enlarge. Do you have any idea how long it took me to re-assemble the whole image?

Aunty ji, yes, I don't have my own child yet, but that doesn't mean that your point is valid because it seems to me like you still can't find the brain that you probably don't have after all of these years. Obviously you do have a daughter, it seems. But my question is, do you have a son? If you do, didn't you carried him in your womb, gave birth to him, nurtured him round-the-clock, fed him, clothed him, sheltered him, schooled him, and above all, loves him just like you would for your daughter? So why do you have to used all of the mentioned points as the reason for your daughter's "price"? Sons have moms and dads too. Sons didn't just grow out of the ground in the backyards or anything!
Or, Aunty ji, are you saying that you'd rather not let your daughter gets married to a (preferably good) man just because the said man doesn't have enough money to fund two seperate wedding receptions? Besides, since you are being sooooo calculative, lemme ask you another question, why should the groom, who has parents who have their own friends and relatives, fork out money from his own pocket to fund the reception on your side, where you happen to feed your own friends and relatives?
Catering service for about 1,000 pax is roughly at RM8000 - RM10,000. For two receptions, there are about 2,000 pax. So, say the groom is 24 years old. A boy at this age normally has just finished their education and starts working. So how the hell is he supposed to come up with RM20,000 within less than a year? Does that mean that all young men should either somehow inherit a load amount of money or take a personal loan or just be born rich to be able to get married before the age of thirty? I think wedding expenses should be funded by both sides equally, unless either side is ridiculously rich; then, yeah, please fund evertything, tqvm. :p
Aunty ji, when your daughter gives birth to your grandson, I suggest that you start saving so that when he grows up and wishes to marry a lass, he doesn't need to worry about not having enough hantaran money. Don't bargain with the bride's family because they have brought her up lovingly. Don't depend on your son-in-law because he is probably busy paying off the loan he took to pay for his hantaran. Judging from the how the price of everything is going up, I guess in twenty years time, the "price" of brides will be about RM30,000. Gosh, its because there are morons like you that the world is upside down, Aunty ji...

My main point is, if you have all the money in the world to waste, then go ahead, arrive poshly at your wedding reception in a caravan tied to white horses that barf rainbows and fart roses. but if you don't, then just make it simple and nice. Good food compensates everything.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Mobile Broadband SIM Card; Instanet from Celcom


I can't even begin!
It doesn't do anything! There is no download, no upload; NOTHING!!
I bought the card for RM12.50, and subscribed to its monthly plan at RM50.00, with 1.5GB data quota, and speed up to 1.5Mbps...
But what I got all the time was just zero connection!!

When I bought this, I used it first time in Cherating. So I thought, okay, I'm living in the jungle can't blame the  coverage. So I've kept the pack away.

Last January, when I've moved to PJ, I tried it again, with full of hope, hoping that it'd work, but it didn't!!
I, again, subscribed to its 30-days plan, just so I can be annoyed by the fact that I was not able to load even a simple page!!

I tried when everyone else were out at work, I tried it in the middle of the night, it just DIDN'T FUCKING WORK!! IT'S IRRITATIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!
What the hell is you sorry excuse, CELCOM??!!
Don't give me lame excuses such as, "Oh, there are too many users at the area, so you have to share the bandwidth with them," FUCK YOU!! What do you call it BROADBAND for?!

I didn't pay to share the bandwidth with everyone to the point where I get zero speed!!

I can live with, at least 256Kbps, considering that your sorry excuse of so-called mobile internet is so pathetic and soooo stupid, but I didn't even get that at any given time during the whole 30 days!!!

So what Celcom did was just that they took my RM112.50, and gave me nothing in return!!

Whoever that came up with this idiotic idea to create Instanet, MAY YOU ROT AT THE BOTTOM OF SOME NASTY SEWER, AND BE EATEN BY RATS WITH BLUNT TEETH!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


My phone's cable.

I just bought this. I've been really gentle with it. I didn't roll it too tight, just fold it loosely and tucked it into one of the pockets in my bag, as usual. within the first week, this happened. I didn't pay gold and diamonds for it, but it's worth less that what I paid for.

May the person who decides that it's worth to charge this rubbish RM30.00 for will get terrible, mysterious skin infection that is not deadly, but is very, very difficult to look at. In fact, it would be so difficult to look at, that you'd decide to not sell anything ever, and divorce you wife (if you have one), run away deeeeeeeepppp into the jungle, where you'll only have apes to mate with!!

Friday, March 22, 2013


The bottom of a glass.

Because it's fucking dirty!!!!!!!!!

This was when I was at a restaurant in Cherating; last year, actually. Ordered a glass of three-layered-tea, and this came. the tea was, indeed, layered. But, why the hell is there also a layer of of moss-like thing under the glass?!?!

You've got tonnes of customers, and I'm like a regular there, and you guys can't even serve me in a piece of clean glass?! Seriously?!


I really hate being served in dirty, stainy wears. People who run restaurants and eateries like this are, well, human beings too! So, how do feel like when you are served with a dirty glass instead??

Look at the stain again! This results from NOT washing the glass properly for COUNTLESS times!

So, God knows, if I've just the the oral bacteria from COUNTLESS mouths!!



I can understand if something that goes wrong is unintentional, but this is drop-dead straight away DISHONESTY!!


p/s: Mike, you know this place. We used to go there after duty for their unforgettable telur bungkus.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog About Blogging

Why do I write?

Lemme tell you a little secret about myself, and a sneak-peak into what's inside my head.

I write because I am constantly talking to myself on the inside. As soon as I my brain starts running as I wake up everyday, I will be asking myself 1001 questions; from the stupidest shit that will never ever matter, to one of mankind's mystery that remains to be solved.

Like right now, what is spinning in my head is, "Why do I write what I write?"

Everybody do this; yes, I know (talking to themselves on the inside, I mean; not writing. Who has time??). But sometimes it's too much, that I get the urge to write them down before I forget; hence the writing . It's like I suddenly need to explain it to myself a good reason for me to write. I guess this is what it is to be too opinionated! You think it matters to explain it to yourself, and everyone else, eventho it is proven that not a single shit was given by anyone. :((

But, but! There are some nice stories (imo) too! 
When I was working in the hotel, there was a time when we had a guest who stayed for quite a while. At that time, he was 'stuck' there in out hotel due to work; this guy is an engineer from Goa, and he's in the oil and gas field. He made friends with just about everyone in the hotel; the waiters, cashiers, housekeepers, etc. Once, this guy came up to the counter, and I was feeling chatty, and so we chatted. Through my Skype ID (yes, I gave my Skype ID to this stranger, because I don't remember the last time I've used it!), he found my blog. The next day, he asked, "Is shafinazm.blogspot written by you?"
HAHAHA! "Yeap, that's mine, but I haven't written anything for so long," was what I said with a big grin because I really wasn't writing anything at that point. 
"You should really write! Write a book, even! You've got a good way of expressing your thoughts. Please don't stop, or it'd be a waste of talent. But, please, please, please cut down the whole swearing and cursing," said the engineer form Goa, giving a taste of fame and glam to a nobody from Cherating with his words, as if I was Maya Angelou. :P
"If you think my writing is good, then I know you would be able to write better, because it seems easy for you to start a conversation with just anyone. Because, to me, writing it just like talking to another person; instead of saying the words out one by one, you write it down."

I assume it also the matter of preferences. I write because I have so much thoughts running in my head, and I don't want to forget, and I think it matter to tell it to others. It's not like everybody has the time or the energy to do this.

Do I blog for attention? Pfft! I'd put up hundreds of edited camwhore pictures of myself and blog on every other day, if that is my intention! :D Although... that seems like a good idea to get BIG traffic and make money... hm...

Ok, here's one:

in a hospital's public toilet during one Ramadhan afternoon. Pfft! Dan lagi!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Have We Missed?

It may take you less than 15 minutes to read through the whole rant, but it takes me at least five hours to finish writing, so to hell with proof-reading and spell-checks!

Do you love me enough to care about what is going on with me now?? :p :p

Oh my, oh my; my heart sinks to see the last time I've posted something here (my word-strings does not count as posts; only ramblings are!). 

I love to write my thoughts because I have never been good at saying them in words spontaneously. I'd say I'm a rather slow verbal communicator.

A lot have changed since January. Its only March, but I've felt like it has been at least a year. Funny how I feel that time is slowing down itself.

I'm not working in Cherating anymore. Never thought I'd miss that small little town by the edge of the continent this much! Now that I am away from the ocean, during the nights that I find it hard to sleep, I'd close my eyes and try to hear the sound of the waves inside my mind. Back then, there were times that, if I couldn't sleep, I would open up my door and walk to the the beach, and sit on the sand until the the coldness in the air, the noise of the waves, and the darkness of the late night consumed my leftover energy, and it would be easy for me to fall asleep right away. A good hour would normally suffice for me to feel tired and walk back to my room. 

I never had to worry about safety there. everyone knows everyone. It didn't take long, even for me--who was considered as an outsider, to get to know everyone in Cherating; and vice-versa. When I said I was an outsider, it is because I wasn't born and raised there. I only worked there for a good year. 

I am currently living in Petaling Jaya; somewhere. Form here on, I shall not reveal exactly where am I living and where am I working like I used to before. Life do have funny turns here and there. I remember I once  wrote a tiny-bitty-bit about a friend I made from this blog, Nick. We used to talk over Yahoo Messenger, and then stopped talking because I ran off and hid myself. One fine afternoon when I was in Cherating, I just felt like logging into my Yahoo Messenger, and he asked, "where are you?". It took me a while to recall his identity, since he also asked a few questions regarding stuffs that I only told to very few people on this Earth; yet there I was in front of the screen thinking, "who the hell is this guy and how come he knows so much?!" We've kept in touch since, with random text and calls every now and then. Now that I've moved here, he turns out to be living just a block away... What are the odds, yes?

Working during the office hours, off days on weekends; the typical. I am joining the mainstream of the zombies! :D

I used to have uniforms as my working attires, but now it is shirts or blouses and slacks. Everybody come in in the morning, some with their wet hair freshly out of the shower. I am always one of the early ones to be in the office. Us, the early birds, would take our sweet time to sip our morning coffee and read the newspaper in the pantry. Its funny to watch the usual late-comers. every single day, without fail, they will arrive hastily to the office, huffing and puffing, trying to breathe life into themselves; and they put such a sorry face, as if today is the first time ever that they are late for work, and as if being late was something very unroutined for them to do. I wonder how do they start their days. Is this common practice because of the usual devil, the "snooze" option on the alarm clocks? Of course, there're also the ever-burdened ones. These are the colleagues who walks into the office with tight faces, and if you ask them if there is anything wrong, the answer would be, "aku bizi la hari ni... Kena buat blablablabla...(I'm really busy today... I've to finish blablabla...)". All of these makes me wonder; if it is all in a day's work, then why all the huff and puff and haste and the tight faces? Chill, y'all!

And so, everybody would start working on their responsibilities of the day at their own paces that they are comfortable with. For me, the first half of the day is always the least productive. I don't really feel like I'm working until it's after lunch. It's always after lunch hour that everybody is working at the most effective pace. It's everyday's story, indeed. I guess this is because we all know that we finishes all of the task-of-the-day before it's time to be off-duty, we can spare a good ten minutes loafing around in the pantry, of fix our hair, or pack our bags, and get ready to go home. 

Once I have tagged out of the building, I'd go for my dinner before going home. Dinner is getting dull, nowadays. Its always a stop at one of these tomyam joints, and they all taste just the same. I guess all of these restaurants get their tom yam paste from the same supplier. All the way since the days that I was in the uni, the majority of my dinner has been at one of these restaurants. Kuala Selangor, Shah Alam, Seremban, Cherating, and now Petaling Jaya... They are everywhere! By the end of the day, I'd just surrender the urge that I get from my palate for good food, and its the usual nasi putih and tom yam ayam/sup daging/sup ekor, or nasi goreng cina; sometimes accompanied by telur dadar.

If I'm complaining about outside food, why don't I cook then? Well, cooking is no fun if I'm just cooking for myself. Besides, its cheaper to eat outside than to cook for just one person. Its only if I am at my hometown that I would Google up recipes and try something new. I've been wanting to make some pizzas for the longest time, and my last visit to my hometown, which was during last Chinese New Year, I tried it, but failed miserably. The problem was just the yeast that I used. At first, the dough refused to rise no matter how long I waited. After four hours (it was supposed to be only for half an hour), my mother took out another packet of yeast from her cabinet, and asked, "Adik guna yeast expired tu. Yang baru beli dok ada sini (You used the one that has passed expiry date. The new pack is here),"
Sigh... Oh well. So I added the fresh yeast from the fresh pack into the dough, and forgot about it the whole night. The next morning, I opened up the container's lid; dear God, the dough now looked like nothing but a mess. It rose too much, that it looked like a good miniature model sea caves and cavities. Again, with my mother to the rescue, "buang saja la, tak jadi dah tu (just throw it away now, it's not going to bake nice)", in the dough went into the bin.

So.. I'm not really sure where this is going, but I think I am slowly being absorbed into the course of the  Malaysian mainstream, with such a typical daily routine, and am slowly turning into one of the zombies.

Well... there is no need to see the faces of customers directly, and give them answers, and every task can wait until the very last minute, before someone at the higher level makes some noise, and while everybody else are having a good time doing other things on weekends, so can I! But somehow, I just can't make up my mind! Working on weekdays and day offs on weekends seems like a big break from shift rotations and all the mess that comes along with being a hotelier, but something seems lacking. Am I being arrogant if I say, that there is no thrill to such a safe job? It's kind of boring...

I guess what I miss about that old, insane, excuse of a job, is how it always keep my mind preoccupied all the time. My head was always thinking of stuffs like, "will housekeepers get the room ready in time today?", or, "Do I have enough double-bedded rooms for tomorrow's guests?" or, "what can I do to help to achieve the season's target?", etc. I never really had the room to feel empty. No weekends, only once-a-week day offs which I usually spent with kak Shima. No Hari Raya, no Christmas holiday, not a single public holiday. All of the leave days were accumulated; to be later claimed during the hotel's low season. If I ever felt like crying, I always had a place in my mind to run to; which was work.

Still, God's willing, there are so many roads that are yet to be taken, yet to be traveled on. :)

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Nothing

Never ever trust on anyone else than yourself for anything. Ever.

Once in a while, The Bad tries to climb the ladder again. The Good comes with promises and hopes and colours, to help The Bad to get back in place.

The Bad reaches out a hand, putting in all hope and dreams in it, to The Good.

The Bad believes in all the promises, and the promise to deliver the promises that The Good has.

But what The Bad have forgotten is that The Good, can become fallen too.

What The Bad forgot is that The Good, after all, is also human.

Promises remain promises, and wither as faint echoes.

The Good becomes The Bad; be it in denial or not, and The Bad miserably becomes nothing less than The Nothing.

So never count on anyone else but yourself. Even if you fail miserably, there will be no need the suffer the pain of knowing that the blame is on someone else's shoulder. There will be no need to suffer the pain of knowing that you are the fool to trust that 'someone else'.