Sunday, December 2, 2012


This post had been in my draft for almost 3 months, and right now I am writing with no lenses on. I am helplessly poor-sighted, and am squinting my eyes to read what I'm writing. I'm not going to proof-read this to correct any spelling mistake, so you're just going to have to make sense of any of the gibberish and live with it.

I've said it before that every now and then when I get so fucking tired of my job, I just drop everything, I take an extra day off for the week and get the hell out of Cherating; or get the hell out of Pahang itself. I seriously don't get people who comes to Cherating with the hope that they'll get entertainment as if this was Sunway Lagoon or Genting Highlands or something... This is fucking Cherating, bitch!

I apologize for digressing. :3

Ok, enough of telling where I went, and what I did. Nobody gives a shit. :p

So, while I was gone, my roommate (yeah, I have a roommate not long after the last one left) updated something on her Facebook and tagged me on it. 
Here's the caption:

this post is no longer on my facebook because this roommate of mine blocked me from her list. The reason to this remains a mystery. I've never done anything to you! Suit yourself, dearie. Idc. click to enlarge.

Immediately after reading that post, I whatsapped my roommate (like a caring, loving friend that I am) to ask her if she was doing okay. She said to me that she was, fine, but it scared the hell out of her.

According to her, the 'thing', which appeared as a dark silhouette stood on her bed, just above her head. While it was there, she couldn't move one finger, and it lasted for about 15 minutes. All that while, she could only hear 'it' laughing and growling eerie-ly. Sounds so much like hantu tindih, kan?

I myself have seen these creepy stuffs roaming around any random area throughout my one year of living here. Once, while I was sitting our of my room chatting with a friend living next door (Syarina; I've posted her picture in one of my last posts) until very late at night, I just suddenly had the strangest goosebumps all over my legs, and I swear to God I could feel that there was a finger that was wrapping a few strands of my hair with it, twigged it, and pulled it softly upwards. Syarina, who was sitting in front me, just rounded her eyes as she saw the side of my hair just went swaying upwards while defying gravity. There was no wind blowing. 
I guess that was God's punishment on me, for sitting in front of the door on the outside of the room like mak cik joyah while enjoying the pure pleasure of gossiping about people and things that were none of our  business. Don't we all do? Why me? :(

One other time, I went out of the room to pick up my dried laundry that I had forgotten about at about two in the morning. I ran back into the room crying, because of what I saw on top of the roof of the building opposite of mine; a giant, grey, furry creature resembling a canine, but at the size of a cow, with red, glowing eyes. I'm not making this up. Hell no.

Don't get me started on things that I've seen at the beach at night. I sometimes go to the beach at night, be it alone or with a friend or two; because what is the point of living at the edge of the land if you dont take pleasure in stuffs like this, right?
But, on some unlucky nights, or either when my mind plays tricks on me, I saw some random shapes of God-knows-what floating around, or I hear the cry of a baby right next to my ear...

I wasn't like this before. Spooks and ghost stories scared me not, until I witnessed one of the girls in the dorm back when I was a first-year student got possessed, and the scenes were much like what you see  in  the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Maybe if I'm motivated enough, one day I shall write about that. this post already look long enough. If I write too long, it'd be too boring to read (excuse from a lazy-bum).

If you ask me, I'd say that I do believe in the existence of ghosts. To me, ghosts are just one of the many forms of the devils. The are really cunning devils, and there are also the dumb ones. I guess the dumb ones are those who go around showing off their hideous forms to people just to scare them for no apparent reason... Is my theory legit?