Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Either Pointless, or Anger-Inducing

Dum dee dum dee dum~
All images are copied from various links. Please forgive me for I am just too damn lazy to produce my own images, although I thought it would have been a delightful experience to run around in a public toilet with a camera. :3

Imma nag about either pointless inventions, or anger-inducing, unclassified... stuffs.

# 1 - Toilet Squatters.

You filthy, uncivilized, inconsiderate unevolved apes!! Why the hell do you just have the need to squat on a seating toilet??

You can't deny this fact. 
In Malaysia, when you go to a public toilet, out of, say, five cubicles, four cubicles are installed with squat toilets; leaving only one seating toilet. But why the fuck must these squatters NOT spare the seats and lovingly leave their goddamn footprints on the poor helpless seats?! WHY??

Does your retarded brain genuinely thinks that the sole of your shoes are purer than my ass??

Be it for number one or number two, when you're born with the female genitals, you've got to sit and do it. You can't just stand against a wall and pee. I don't like squatting toilets, and that is my own preference! If you think I'm practicing double-standard about peeing/shitting position, then be it! But what about the handicapped people? Is it their fault that they don't have the privileged to enjoy that indescribable pleasure of squatting as most of you normal apes do??

Does that mean that, due to their misfortune, they just gotta suck it up and just rub their asses against the seats that has been soiled by that shoe-soles of yours which have walked on a green field studded with dog poo and the rich, highly-concentrated fish blood on the floor of a wet market?

Did you even know that squatting on the porcelain bowls, which are not made to take the whole weight of your body when pressed at only two points, can be freaking dangerous for your ass?

True story; I have a friend who used to squat on seating toilets. The bowl broke and cut through one side of her ass cheeks. Took her three months before she could walk again. Not to mention, screaming nightmares that woke her up countless times. She do not even dare to look at toilet seats now.

Although, it wasn't really amusing to know that if she can't find a squat toilet, she'd squat on the floor of a seating toilet to do her thing. Eff... Some people just cannot be taught.

For the love of God, and the love of the asses of the handicapped, STOP SQUATTING ON A PUBLIC TOILET'S SEAT!!

# 2 - Queue-skippers.

We all have to agree that this is the most irritating, brainless kind of creature that we all would love to exterminate from the face of the Earth.

What the hell makes you think that you, or whatever your business is, is so much more important than every body else, that you have full authority to just skip everyone else in front of you and march straight towards the counter/the-front-of-whatever-you-are-queuing-for?!

I am blessed with the opportunity to see this almost daily at work. No matter what, no matter how, there are just some of these dumbasses who strive to irritate just about everyone else.

How can it not cause me to want to commit a murder? Countless times it has been that as I'm attending to a guest who comes in first, when another thickhead just barge his/her stupid face right in front of me, not minding the guest who was ALREADY there, with the highest confidence that I will drop whatever that I was doing and attend to him/her first.

If you have no respect for me, try to find it in your worm-infested brain, to have some respect for the other person in front of you, who is also a paying customer.

The best drama I've watched was the fight between one snobby bitch, and one hopelessly sleepy guy. I can't recall if I've narrated this before, but I'm going to tell it again anyway. :p

So the snobby bitch checked-in, and things proceeded as normal, and snobby bitch left for her room. Less than ten minutes later, sleepy guy came, and in the middle of processing his information, snobby bitch came back and, without even acknowledging the sleepy guy, she screeched, " EXCUSE ME, THIS ROOM IS TOO FAR FROM THE LOBBY. YOU KNOW I PAID THOUSANDS FOR MY MEMBERSHIP, AND I DON'T DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS, I'M A GOLD-LEVEL MEMBER, SO I ASSUME I'M SUPPOSED TO GET BLABLABLA...". Sleepy guy, having his patience growing really thin, barked at the snobby bitch, "YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH MONEY, YOU IDIOT! SHE IS FILLING UP MY FORM SO JUST WAIT FOR YOUR TURN!!"
And so, snobby bitch just stood there, finally in silence, and waited patiently. Whatever happened after that doesn't matter because its not the point of the issue. But she could have avoided being publicly humiliated if she only had the decency to respect and wait for her turn.

Seriously, why do you have to be so dumb to absorb some simple common sense?

#3 - Toothpaste Dispenser

Really? You need the kind help of a tool to squeeze out toothpaste from the tube? You are THAT weak? So how the hell do you have the energy to spoon food into your mouth?

When I look at a toothpaste dispenser, I can't help but to think, "what kind of world am I living in?" because I just cannot brain the fact that we humans are made with hands and fingers, yet we choose to put the energy and effort to come up with an invention, then relay the task of squeezing toothpaste out of it's tube to it. I mean.. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE ENDANGERED PANDAS AND STARVING CHILDREN?!

I cannot ramble more on this. I have made my points.

Same idea goes for apple slicers. Why the fu... Nevermind.

#4 - Images on Cigarette Boxes

I think it started less than five years back that the government decided that it is a brilliant idea to print gore illustrations of sickness that can get on you if you are a smoker, on cigarettes box.

Pfft. Nothing happened. People are still burning off their money on it.

You see, 70% of smokers in this country are Muslims. We all know that Muslims are allergic to PORK.
So here's a better idea.

Have this pictures on the boxes instead. I honestly think it'll work better.