Wednesday, December 5, 2012

11B - Let's Talk Ghosts.

More ghost story!

The story that happened in dorm 11B, as promised. No names mentioned.

Back when I was in my first year in Unisel, it was compulsory for all first semester of the first year students to  stay in the uni's dormitory. My dorm was called 11B, which meant that it was the eleventh room on the second floor of the building. The dorms no longer exists now, as a lot of students prefer to rent rooms and houses around there rather than staying in the dorm, and they have all been converted into classrooms. Each unit was made for about 24 students. My dorm had about only twelve students. The dorm also had one big shower rooms with five shower cubicles in it.

At the beginning of the semester, I rarely talked to most of my dormmates; the person who I spoke the most to was the girl who occupied the lower part of our doubledecker bed. Six weeks into the semester, I still couldn't recall half of the names and the faces of my other dormmates, should I pass them at the cafe or the walkway. I have always been terrible at remembering names and faces.

Since day one that I've stayed there, I have always felt the creep of the atmosphere inside 11B; just like how a dorm should be, isn't it? One night after maths class, I went out for dinner with a few of my dormmates as usual. My friend and I thought of going for shower together once we go back to the dorm - by going to the shower together, I mean going to the shower room together, then take our showers separately in two different shower cubes! 

As we reached our room that night, it was about 11:00 pm. Just when we were about to step into the shower, the girl who was supposed to go with me just went straight to bed. I asked her if she was coming, and she was like, "nah, I don't feel like showering anymore. You go ahead," because she already noticed what I still haven't; another girl in the room was behaving strangely...

As I turned on the shower, out of the blue, I heard the loudest growl; so loud it felt like it was coming straight out of the wall behind me in the cube. Confused, I turned off the pipe, to make sure if it was just the sound the water from the next cube. That's when I heard it again, a deep, loud growl, coming from the dorm; followed by the screams of one of the girls, saying, "That's enough! Stop it!"

Damn.. I haven't even shampooed my hair... :(

I put on my clothes immediately, trying my best to keep standing with my shaking knees, got out of the bathroom, and by the time that I was in the dorm, there were only two girls left; the rest have went out from the building, running after the girl who just growled like a tiger, and thumped the ground as if she had the energy of an elephant; all while being the smallest girl among us. I swear she weighed not more than 45kg at that time.

One of the two girls who were still in the dorm told me that the girl who just screamed and ran seemed... possessed. I was puzzled. I've heard tonnes of these kind of stories before, and all these while, when anyone told me a supernatural-related stories, even when they claimed that they have experienced it first-hand, I always doubted if they were telling the truth. I always thought that the 'real' thing only happens movies, and people can never be possessed by ghosts or demons or whatsoever, and people who act possessed actually had some underlying mental issues. But how could such a petite girl run down the stairs with enough force to make her footsteps echo throughout the building? Never in my life I have been this close to such a horrifying event, but that was just the beginning.

An hour later, the girl who was said to be possessed was brought back into the dorm; fainted. She was laid on her bed. Panic-stricken, none of us in the dorm dared to go to bed, nor talk about what the hell just happened, so we gathered around one corner, sitting in a circle and started talking stories. We went on like that for about an hour and a half, and as we did, each of us started to loosen up and calmed down a little bit.

By 1:00 am in the morning, that fainted-sleeping girl just suddenly woke up, laughed like some kind of villain, jumped down onto the floor and started crawling to the window! As she reached the window's seal, she just stood there, looking out the window, laughing and crying at the same time.

The group in a circle scattered off, all trying to get as far from her. One of us, who, at that time had the most sense in her head, yelled, "hey, that is our friend over there. We can't just let her like that,"

Na'ah, I don't have the balls. So a few girls dared to approach her and pulled her away from the window, and back to her bed. While she was still at calm, the seniors were called, and she was taken away from the dorm for that night. She was quarantined in a different room, guarded by two senior students whose hearts were, I'd say, made of steel, for they dared to stay with her through the night.


The next morning, the girl were brought back to the dorm, as she was finally at her senses. She was completely worn out, all tired, and she couldn't remember anything that she just did the night before. The growling, the stomping, the laughing, the crawling; she remembered none. She was just very, very tired. She attended none of the classes that she had for that day, and she refused to even go out for food, because she said she was too embarrassed by the whole thing.

Although, that was just not the end of it...

There were only four of us girls left in the dorm that night, as the rest of the girls had successfully found their own excuses to just not stay in. Pfft! In some way, everyone was prepared, in case of re-occurance of the ordeal.

I myself have signaled one of my friend who were staying in the dorm on the level above mine, that if anything happens again, I am going to just run straight up to her door and hide up there.

Just after dusk, she started showing signs of 'breaking loose' again. As she laid down her bed, she kept on rotating her body 360 degrees all over the bed, and her eyes were wide open, staring at all four corners of the room. Us, girls, who were left in the room with her were keeping an eye on her, while trying our best to keep calm and not provoke her.

By 9:30 pm, just like that, she sat up straight on her bed, and she broke into that eerie, loud laughter. It was my queue to RUN.

I swear if I ever sprinted like that back in my days in school when we had sports training, I'd be a damn good athlete by now. I think I covered the distance of about 7 meters in just three leaps. But I was doomed. She was running after me, because I was the only one who ran!

I just didn't look anywhere else but my front, ran out of the dorm, up the stairs, and within less than 10 seconds, I was at the door of 11C. I was too, scared, too out of breath, and too out of my head, that ask I knocked and knocked and knocked on the locked door, I couldn't say a word to tell them it was me who was knocking.

The stairway was echoing with the sound of her loud growls, and I was so, so sure that I was a dead meat. For some reason, I could hear her voice coming closer and closer to me, but she was nowhere to be seen. Later I was told by those who saw, that as soon as she stepped out of 11B while chasing me, she crawled  up the stairs, instead of running,

I knocked one more time, and finally I had the brain to yell, "it's me, Shafinaz," and 11C was opened for me. As soon as I got in, they shut the door. I could only make three steps, then I just fell on the floor and sat there. I wanted to cry, but I had no tears, and I was damn thirsty.

I couldn't cope anymore. I really can't handle things like this. So I called my sister to come and pick me up. I left that night, went back to the uni daily only for classes. 

I only went back to my dorm a week later, when I was told by a fellow dormmate that the girl has gone home, taken away by her family.

She came back days later, not remembering most of the incident, but in much better shape.

Strange, but true, as things turned back to normal in the dorm, all of us grew closer to each other. 

But it wasn't all well and all normal. She had more things happened to her throughout the semester, just that they were not as scary as the first two nights. 

Once, I got the chance to speak to her sister. I was told that that was not the first time it happened. It was so bad before, that she was breaking glasses, hurting herself and others, and it all because she was charmed by an envious soul.

These disturbance that she was burdened with were so prolonged, that she was slowly losing her memory of the people she knew, mostly her friends. 

By the end of the second semester, she could barely remember any of us from 11B. By the end of the first year, she was nowhere to be seen in Unisel. Friends told me that her family have changed her to start afresh in a new place, because too much have happened to her in that place.