Wednesday, August 15, 2012

False Sense of Self-Inferiority...?

This post had been in the draft list for over a month now. I wanted to finish it but never knew how, because my senior taught me to never post anything on the net anything about my work if I don't what to get my ass in trouble. :p

 But I decided to finish it and post the damn rant anyway because this isn't about my work. It just happened that I encountered it while working. So what the hell. :p

I've seen people who believe that they are so damn superior than other human beings so much, that it was as if they belong to a whole different species. I've seen it in this brief life of mine enough to make me feel ashamed to be born into the human race.

But what I saw happened last month really amused me. So as I fore-mentioned I was at work that day. I was running the evening shift, and by 8.00pm I decided to take a break and have my dinner at the resort's coffee house. Why do I feel like this paragraph would sound so cool if it was narrated by Denzel Washington's voice?

The coffee house is divided into two sections; one is indoor and the other is outdoor. It is divided for two purposes, and that are to divide smoking area from the non- smoking area, and because to separate halal section from the non-halal section. The non- halal section is at the outdoor; or the terrace, where guests who wish to have alcoholic drinks can have it at this section.

The restaurant was quite free, as there weren't many people dining there that evening. Nice and peace. I chose a seat at the terrace like I always do, ordered my food, and waited for it. There was a couple sitting at the indoor seats, and it seemed like they just came in a little earlier than me. Just when my food came to my table, the couple stood up and charged straight to the counter. 

That looks like a mess... I know one when I see one because of the nature of my job. :p

Because I was at the terrace, and the two sections were walled by a thick glass, so I couldn't hear what they were ranting about at the cashier's counter, but obviously they were furious; judging from the directions which the husband's hands were flying to. It wasn't long before the F&B (food and beverage) Manager himself stepped in to handle the situation. Busybody me, yes, I was damn curious about what actually made this couple angry; but I just had a drama of my own myself back up at the reception, and I was almost brain-dead, and I was hungry, and I really needed a little break, so I figured to just wait for a queue and to only step in if my colleague asked so. I Believe me, it was a looooooonnnnggg rant with lots of hand swings, that by the time I finished my food and signed my bills, the furious husband was still babbling to my colleague... :p

Just before I left the restaurant, the couple paced off, and the husband yelled, "I will definitely post this on the net!"

I went back up to the lobby to my desk, and as expected, five minutes later, my colleague who were attending to them earlier called me to get info about the couple who just raged at him. My time to stick my nose into it! :D

So, what happened?

It turned out that while they were having their dinner, the husband decided that he'd like to have some wine with his food, but remember that I said that he was sitting at the indoor section? So, when he ordered, the waitress informed him that they cannot serve alcohol there, but if he still wished to have it, he can have it at the terrace. 

That triggered the bomb. :p

According to them, we were discriminating them because they were an Indian couple.

Seriously, dude... WTF?!

Now, I don't know how did the waitress told him about the coffee house's regulation, because that can be one thing, but how the hell did he come with such an... amusing assumption??

Dude! The rule is the rule! Nothing to do with colour! What happened to you in your childhood for you to be able to think in such a way?! 
The rule is that alcoholic drinks are not to be served at the indoor-section; NOT that Indian customers are only to sit at the terrace!

According to him, we were just shooing him away to sit at the terrace, because, AS PER HIM, we are saying that he is not "high" enough to be sitting inside the coffee house.

Damn it. Yes, we do choose who gets to sit at the coffee house (regardless of which section, mind you!) and who doesn't. We let people who has money to sit because it's not a charity house, and that is what business is all about. I think it's a common sense that anyone who running a business doesn't give a damn what is the colour of the skin of the hand that is giving in the money for the business, as long as the money is being given in.

It is nobody's problem if you feel inferior about your own skin colour, but your own. it is only our problem if you refused to pay the bill or anything, which was not the case!

Seriously... Skin colour?!

I don't know whether I should laugh at him or cry for him.

If we are to discriminate skin colour, then in every room reservation form that we have on the internet, we'd have the section "Select Race" that people would have to fill in. It'd make it easier for us to filter people who we want to do business with and people who we don't. We don't have to wait for them to arrive at the resort for us to have all the fun discriminating and humiliating them, we'd filter them first thing first. We are service people FOR GOD'S SAKE! Isn't it known that customer service business is around to kiss the ass of people with money?! I don't where have this guy gone before and what was his experience, for thinking that we were disturbed by his skin colour.

When my colleague tried to explain the rule, he brushed it off by saying that the lobby area is supposed to be a non-smoking area, but he saw people sitting there smoking, and nobody from the resort's side did anything about it.

With all due respect, to my defense, it is a common sense for people themselves to understand that the lobby is not an open- air area, and therefore it is automatically known that it is not a place to sit and smoke. 

How many times have I had to reluctantly tell people who came to my counter to ask for an ashtray that they are not supposed to be smoking at the lobby? Reluctance is there because I HATE STATING THE OBVIOUS.

Well, I can't help it if this particular customer decides to look at the rule as a form of discrimination, because we are not the ones who put up the rule. This is Malaysia. Halal and non-halal is a big concern for the majority of the population. Premises are not the people who set the rules; the government does. Regardless of my opinion about the politics (which I do not give a fuck about, by the way. Just shut your damn mouth. I don't give a fuck about it, and so be it!), they have a good reason to regulate stuffs like these.

Besides, the comparison is just out of proportion. The reason why I said it is out of proportion is because, of course you can't compare smoking in a non-smoking area; which is an ethic issue, to serving alcohol in a halal- certified restaurant; which is a religious issue! Need I remind you crazy people can get when it comes to the hyper-sensitive issue of religious belief?! I need not. We all know it best.

Oh well, we can't please everyone, can we? Something is bound to be wrong somewhere, for just anyone.

I think I RARELY would ramble openly about things like this, because it concerns my work, and it concerns the customers who give money to the business that pays my salary; but I see it not as a customer servant complaining, but I see it as failure of sensing the damn  plain common sense.

So yeah, I'm sorry if you feel inferior about yourself for the colour of skin you were born in, but hey, here's some reality check; you're probably the only one who feels that way, and that is so damn sad.

Fuck it... Will I get in trouble for writing this? Any advice, Mike? :p

Aaa! Camwhore pic time! :3

New unifrom, we've got! :D

When I was a staff, I was wearing the brown uniform. I think I have it posted here somewhere where I took the picture with the Santa Clause guy. Then when I was promoted into the management, my official uniform was this: 

it's a camwhore pic of Syarina and I and the uniform was not the focus of this picture, but this is one of the only few pictures that I have of myself in this uniform

We changed to the grey uniform since early August, and the new uniform is supposed to feel more like what we should be wearing for people who are working at a beach resort. :D

I digressed about my uniform which I don't think matters much. :p