Sunday, May 13, 2012

Your Desire to Survive Is What Saves You.

Pain may kill you in many ways.
It may slash your heart and let your sorrow and despair bleed and drains you to death.

Only your strong desire to survive is what saves you.

It's when you have the strong desire to survive, then you may forget the past; may you not forgive your past.

Your strong desire to survive is what makes you tougher than what you were.

It's your strong desire to survive is what teaches you to grow up and move on, for you have no interest in laying low and rot in despair.

Your strong desire to survive is your desire to live, and to savour each and every colour that the world has to offer you in your brief lifetime.

Your strong desire to survive is what heals you from the pain.

When you know how strong your desire to survive can be, only very little things in this world can make you cry.

"What was that about? What pain NOW? haven't you let it all go?"

"Yeah. but not the pain. Never the pain."

"Why, still?"

"Look. I can only tell you stories, and you can maybe understand what I said, but you can never feel what I felt."

"How can I ever feel what you felt? I know I cannot. But you don't have to feel the pain anymore. You've moved on."

"Until I can find an EXCUSE good enough to reason why the things that happened, happened; the pain will be there. I'm human. It's my nature to be curious. It's the level of curiosity is what determines the intensity of the pain. I'm not as curious as I was, but I still am; just not as eager to find out."

"Fuck you. Just shut up."

"Well, you asked. Just telling you what is going on in this crazy head of mine."