Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Wrong to Forgive the Essence of Evilness.

Abuse is not just physical, but can also be verbal or mental.

Physical abuse is when a person inflict a physical damage to another, who are often physically weaker.
Verbal or mental abuse damages in a different way. Basically, a mental abuser might end up creating his own murderer, because the damage is more on the victim's mind and soul, rather than the body.

I won't babble more to define what does it mean to be an abuser, because there are already tonnes of articles, and books and movies talk shows out there to explain this. 

Okay, I'll define it in my words anyway. Abusers are a bunch of losers who preys on people who seem inferior to them, to make them fell less like a loser.

I am being VERY gentle with my definitions.
I have not one bit of pity for abusers, because they make themselves into becoming what they are; sick and EVIL. 

Nobody in this world is born with an evil heart. People are made into it. They become evil for reasons that, often, they know is wrong, but refuse to admit it, and finds way to JUSTIFY it; which makes them SICK.

Seriously, what else can I call them else than evil and sick?! Isn't it sick to beat up a person and then give excuses to say justify that what you did was not wrong??

Here are some of the REASONS that they often use to justify abuse; be it physical or mental:

1. "You provoked me. You brought out the worst of me."

What are you?! A monkey?? Like, someone throws a stone at you and you get all freaked out and starts jumping around and make noises and attack the person?? Being a human being means to accept the responsibility of having intelligence. If you can't do this, then go live in a jungle.

2. Out of your own assumptions.

Wh.. Fuck you for thinking that you are Sherlock Holmes or something. This is just pure case of idiocy. Believe me, it does happen that some people are just sick enough to start imagining ideas about their victims, and then go out and beat them.

3. "This is what God wants!"

Well, you know what? I think God wants you to be burned again and again. How about I do that to you right now? What are you, being so broad and claiming that you know what God wants?!

I don't know, maybe I'm wretched; but in my opinion, for example, if a husband beats up his wife because she is cheating on her husband with the guy who lives in the next town, and the guy at her work at the same time, as wrong and as messed up that the bitch can be; that reason is STILL good enough to justify it; EVERRRRR!!!!!!!

There is not a single reason in this world that can be good enough for one human to cause physical pain to another human being out of ANGER.

I don't know how many people out there who are actually aware of the issue of honour killing. It's an issue of it's own broad perspective, but it is nonetheless, a form of abuse. The most typical example of honour killing is a daughter being killed by any of her family member (usually a male member) for any reasons (rejecting a marriage proposal, sex outside marriage, elope, divorce, refusal to wear veils, too "westernized", refusal to accept arrange marriage... this is a whole big topic, you've gotta do some reading to understand it better.)  that are, according to the family, have dishonoured them. these people believe that by killing their victims, they are restoring their lost honour. This world makes me sick sometimes...

How many times will us, the human species justify our sick thoughts and actions by saying that it's God's will? 
Damn me if you may, burn me if you may, just send me to hell if you may, but I simply cannot accept violence being straightened and bleached by exploiting God's name.

It's okay to forgive a person who have stupidly or unintentionally done something that could be terribly wrong, but it's definitely wrong to forgive the essence of evilness.

The saddest part of this whole mess is, it will not end.
We are who we are; the human species. 
We are always sick.

Some people may luckily get out of the world not ever having to face violence. Some people are not.