Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't Close Your Heart Just Yet.

Don't close your heart to matters that you never knew existed.

We are born different; all of us, and it's our nature to seek individuality.

To some people, individuality is in following the current; while to some, is in defying it.

It's our nature to avoid the difference that we see but we cannot understand. Sometimes we even try our best to eliminate it. But its just all the difference us.

It's easy to judge others difference until we have gone trough it ourselves.

Sometimes it breaks us to the point where all happiness that we ever knew are killed in vain.

Sometimes it breaks us so much to the point where we can't afford to bring our heart to the point before we were different, but can't afford to live being different either.

None of us wants to be isolated, yet all of us will give in our might to bold our differences.

In the end, what does it all bring to us but just anger and disapointment towards ourselves?

Don't we all yearn for acceptance?

Don't we all crave to be understood?

Don't we all wished that we aren't judged and pulled upon?

So please don't close your heart to feelings you never knew you could feel.

So please don't close your heart to people you never knew you would met.

So please don't close your mind to acknowledging things that you never knew that you could do.

 Because it all sums up to make what you are; the unique you.

If you know you are right, fight for yourself.

Fighting for yourself is not easy, but not harder than avoiding yourself.

So fight until you have to fight no longer.