Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Didn't I Tell You That I Bark?!

The fucking waitress at the restaurant really pissed me off the other day!! She made me RAGE in public; like what I did at the cinema!!

Ok, intro first. Cherating is a small town. No highway crosses it, only the old road that we used to take before we have the highway. Highways have R&R stops along them, right? 

Because buses from Kuala Terengganu still use these old roads, so there are plenty of restaurants that imitate the R&R stops along the old roads. The trend is all over the country, even. 

Most of them sell food that's only good for dogs, and charge like they're feeding us gold. If you have been to the bus stop point in Slim River, you know exactly what I mean. 

Anyway, back to my story about this restaurant I went to. It's one of the stops for buses, but the food there is still good. I'm their regular customer; regular enough that I get discounted price for whatever I order. I'm so regular there that we have the mutual understanding that if I get there during their busy time where there are like, six buses that stops there, the passengers are served first, then my table; even if I walk in first, because these people stops there only for a limited time.

Went there for dinner today. It was quite empty. I walked in, and the stupid waitress saw my friend and I walking in. She didn't budge from the cashier's counter to get our food orders after we picked our seats, as she was on the phone! Being a customer service person myself, I thought, "okay, if she prefers to be on the phone than to do her job, then maybe it's important. She'll get here. I'm nice, I have patience lalalalala"

I'm so angelic, right? So nice of me to tolerate and care. You'll never find such a good customer like me anywhere!!

The other waiter guy (who seemed retarded) was passionately watching the bloody football match on the tv, with his mouth wide open, and he didn't even see us. I didn't bother to waste my energy to call him, as I knew the bitch already saw us walking in.

While waiting for the bitch to get her skinny ass to my table, I went to the mart next door, and I told my friend what I wanted to eat, so that she won't have to come to my table twice to take the food order.
It was when I came back from the mart that I was starting to get irritated... 

C'mon, bitch! The place is empty! What can possibly be so important that is occupying you for so long, that you have to make your customer wait?! Plus, the retarded idiot who was then watching the tv, is now also hanging around the counter with the stupid waitress, and they were chit-chatting there about the moon and grasshoppers!

One of the workers there passed by my table asked if she have served us, and I said no. Surprised himself, he tried to call her TWICE and she couldn't hear him. 

Ahh... Now I know her fucking problem! She's fucking deaf, it seems! :D

So I did her (and myself) a favour by screaming from my table,



That was when everyone in the restaurant turn their heads to my table... :p

Fuck, yeah I was pissed off! I was mad hungry, and the bitch saw me walked in, but didn't care to some to my table! It wasn't even busy! 
There. Recap of the whole story in two sentences. :p

But I got the bitch's attention, at least. Of course I I didn't let her off, easy. 
First thing I did to her when she came to my table was to babble to her on how I have been waiting.

You deserved a piece of me, baby. It's all love. :3

But it didn't end there!
It seemed like bitch didn't get it it was her fault, and the other waiter guy was pissed off that I screamed at his sweetheart. The whole time I was eating there, he was staring and staring and staring at my face. So...



Oops, I did it again~

SERIOUSLY! When people do me wrong like this, it's not a word of sorry that I expect, just hope that they realize their mistake, and it doesn't happen the second time, that's all! 

These idiots have some serious attitude problems!

But the food was nice, and I got discounts anyway. plus, I got to scream at both of them, so I'm satisfied anyway. Wth.

Went there again today, but didn't see that bitch. :3

So... End of rant.
Here's a random camwhore pic of me for no apparent reason: 

 ...and enjoy this song if you have nothing to do right now.