Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

This time I am not opinionated about anybody else's business. The last two days I have been too drained, and I was fucked real bad. These are the events that has been going since yesterday :

1. Caught a sore throat that turned into an on-off fever. Possibly malaria? Overheating causes my eyes to irritate too. how convenient.

2. Woke up after 3 hours of sleep, and failed to fall asleep again for the following hours, which leads me to suffer from

3. a massive headache that is still pressing my head up until this very moment.

4. During my awake time, all I did was stare at the ceiling, with the hope that I will fall asleep, which I eventually did at around 8pm; 3 hours before I was going in for work last night.

6. You guessed right. I overslept. Woke up at 11pm, and was late by half an hour.

7. Oh, I didn't lock my room as I left for work last night, because I couldn't find my fucking door key! I looked everywhere! Ransacked my bag countless times, and checked on my bed, under my bed, on my friend's bed, under it, in my wardrobe, on my dressing table, behind it, on the tv, in the bathroom even... I even asked one of my friends to go to my room and search through the room one more time. No luck. I gave up. Where did I finally find it? IN MY FUCKING POUCH. IN MY STUPID POUCH WHICH I HAVE RANSACKED AT LEAST FIVE FUCKING TIMES!! GODDAMNITTTT!!! YOU STUPID, STUPID KEY!! WHY DIDN'T YOU EVER SHOW UP WHEN I WAS LOOKING FOR YOU IN THE POUCH THE FIRST TIME?!

8. My stupid 50-page long audit report got stupidly jammed in the stupid printer at least 4 times before I get to print one whole complete report. And this happened to me twice; yesterday and today. 

9. Things got a lot sweeter last night, when there was a major disruption in electricity supply through the whole town. Happened at 4am while I was printing my report for the third time, and last  night we had a full house. I should just jump into the ocean already...

10. I was trying to call TNB Careline to report of the power failure, but couldn't do so because THE FUCKING PHONE WON'T STOP RINGING. Thank God one of my colleague miraculously appeared like a wild Pokemon and made the vital phone call.

After 2 hours, power supply was restored. The only damage was that my routines were delayed by 2 hours. Everyone got their reports late today. :p

What remain until now are the bad, bad, headache, and the eye sore.

I'll try to sleep...
Wish me luck...