Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's Do Some Living, After We Die.

How many turning points do we have in one lifetime, really?

Just when I think that my course is set, my heart surprises my mind with the dominating power that it has over my behaviour, and how my mind just willingly let my heart take charge, because the faith that I always have in my own heart.
Right now, it's telling me to tone down my razor sharp edges, sit back, and observe. I'm missing out something, but I'm not sure what it is yet.
Because if it's always about being practical and logical, there is just no colour in life.

At this point I believe that, to some extent, there is no right or wrong; just different opinions among human beings. When we tend to disagree with each other, we tend to label each other as "wrong", or "bad".

Wrong or bad is never when we disagree with each other.
Wrong or bad is when you force your opinion on others.
Wrong or bad is when you dictate.
Wrong or bad when you harm others.
Wrong or bad is when you abuse.
Wrong or bad is when you judge.

I have been wrong too.
I have been bad too.
But I never meant to be any.
There are times, too, when I have been wronged.
Some are forgiven, and forgotten, and some are not; because I am not a saint.

If we can only live, and let live, we can look past our disagreements.

Not always we get exactly what we want in life. Sometimes, the substitute compensates.
Sometimes, we just have to make peace with what is just solidly not meant to be ours.

What makes us let go of things that we WANT the most in life?
Tolerance to things that we already earn and own in life, which we cannot afford living without.
Because what we WANT the most in life is not necessarily what we NEED in life.

Holding on makes you brave, but letting go makes you grow.
I have things in life I have agreed not to own, but have not made peace with the fact that I won't.
Letting go is never easy...

I am still angry, and disappointed, and sad over a lot of things.
Yet, I am grateful for what I've gained by my own, and what are given to me.

Some people seek consolation in believing that life beyond death will give them everything that they long for.
So let's do some living, after we die?

What got me into writing this?

I don't know...

Something is just twitching inside me, and bugging me.
I fucking hate this feeling, because I don't know the root of it.

It's very subjective, isn't it?