Thursday, April 5, 2012

It Comes To This Day

Off work 3 hours ago.
I'm supposed to be dead asleep right now.
But no.
I turned to Youtube and started tubing around.
Sounds so pathetically normal; just like you, ain't it?

But today my heart crushed. :(
I watched something I can't believe I did.

I cannot believe that it will come to a day where I will say this...


I know this is from an episode long long time ago, but I just watched it half an hour ago, and I want to rant about it, so just shut up and leave me alone, okay?!
Besides, its my blog! I say what i want here! If I feel like talking about dinosaurs, I'll do so! Plus, how come dinosaurs is never a topic too old to talk about?!
Wait.. that means dinosaurs beat Tyra... Yay, dinosaurs!! :D

Basically, in the video, Tyra was trying to convience that poor helpless little Asian girl that she did her eyelids surgery to make her look Caucasian. Despite her attempt to tell Tyra, like, "no, you bitch, I did it because I just wanted to, nothing to do with my inner-self issue or anything! I did it because I feel better with it!"

But Tyra went on and on pressing it on this lady, "Look, hun, its okay. Baby girl, I'm just like you, not happy with my look all my life, and I feel wrong changing what I've changed, but at least I won't be alone now 'cause I'm dragging you with meh!!"

Damn it!!

Since when double-eyelids is a Caucasian "thing"?!
I'm Asian, And I've got it!
Well, I'm not oriental, so this is a bad example. But Indians are Asian too, goddamnit! Wait.. This is a whole different issue. I digressed again. Nevermind.

But I do have Chinese friends who were born with double-eyelids, so saying that double-eyelids is a Caucasian thing is not valid, right?
But this is not my point, either. Hang on, bear with me... ._.

But from the video, what I have observed is that, this lady ( I forgot her name, and I'm too lazy to replay the video) definitely did not change her features just to be less Asian.

It is the era where the skin colour doesn't matter anymore, and being Asian is cool, okay?! Just because you're having an issue your own colour, doesn't mean everybody else in this world who are neither white nor Caucasian do too!

I always like Tyra. I still do like her. I've followed her shows for years, and truthfully speaking, I like her ideas.
But this time, I completely disagree.

Just because she changed her hair to blonde, and she thinks she's trying to immitate Whites' features, doesn't mean others do it for the same reason too.

Here's another example

Xiaxue was blonde for a while, and so many people said that she was trying to be hard to be an angmoh because she married a white guy, but she was doing it because her mental image tells her blonde hair makes her look more chio (google this word yourself k, I don't want to explain), and people just don't get it because they INSIST with their opinion. Now she's gone with pink hair, so what is she trying too hard to be now? A broom? Definitely no, right?

Why can't a person change his/her look simply because it makes him/her LOOK BETTER and feel confident?? Why must the  I-dislike-my-racial-features reason come in between?? I think that was the lady was trying to tell Tyra, but she kept on insisting with HER thoughts on why did she go for eyelids surgery.

This was one of my replies to her blogpost. I think it was tittled "Female Blogger's Dillema".

The point is clear, right?