Friday, April 13, 2012

Careful with Your Word, Honey...


I'll keep the story as simple as possible, and you pilot the direction of the story yourself, okay?

When I just started my shift last night, while my boss was explaining some updates on things-I-should-know-when-doing-what-I-do (because it neither interesting nor fruitful to explain here what is was unless you're one of the duty managers working with me in the same hotel), a lady and 3 guys approached our desk, and here was how it went...

Lady : Hi. I'm looking for someone by the name of XXX. Is it possible if you can tell me if she's staying here in the hotel?

My Colleague : I'm sorry, Madam. We can't do that. It's against our policy.

Lady : But she's my sister. I'm looking for her. Or maybe this guy by the name of YYY?

My Colleague : Really, Madam. We cannot expose the name of our in-house guests to anyone, unless stated otherwise by the guest herself, or demanded by righteous authorities.

Lady : I've checked on the FriendFinder. It says that my sister is somewhere in Cherating. I'm sure she is one of the secured hotels here. Here's a car number. Please check if this car is here. I swear I'll kill this man if I find him.

My Colleague : Madam, maybe you should try another hotel...

Lady : Okay. Sorry to bother you. Thank you.

The lady and the three men left the lobby, and I really don't want to find out if they managed to find the guy and the girl they were looking for.

Us hoteliers, we get our hands on countless numbers of ICs (Identity Cards) and passports. Again, this is just how the standard procedure is. No ID, no check-in.
Nevertheless, our policy is that all information provided by our guests are STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

Unless it's a police guy, or, like I said, any rightfully authorized person is asking for the details of our guests, you can't just simply walk-in and ask such things. It's just wrong.

For example, like the situation above, she could be NOT her sister, right? I mean, anyone can walk to the counter and claim such thing. How can we tell? 

Besides, nobody knows what the real story is. It may seem like an old classic case of boy and girl running away to disappear from the world and be together at the first glance, but what if that XXX girl was really running for her life? What if they were really mean people who were going to cut her into pieces and sell her parts? What if the lady is actually an evil witch (kthxbye)? Besides, she boldly claimed that if she finds him, she'll kill him. God knows what the issue was between them. The possibilities are endless. 

But the sure thing is, if it becomes a murder case, I'm sure everybody would not want to be involved in it in any way... If the man by the name YYY dies, she's the prime suspect, and my colleague and I are the prime witnesses. Yuck. Irritating.

She claimed that she have tried calling her,  but her 'sister' did not pick up her calls. So... Your best ideas to find your sibling is to go from one hotel to another, give their names, and announce that you'll kill them? Uhh...

And! If she was really looking for her sister because she was concerned, why didn't she come with the authorities. Ohhh... because it's a family matter, so no need for the police to get involved. Fuck off. They need some job to do too, okay people?!

Nonetheless, the moment she said she was going to kill him if she finds him, I made up my mind to search the given names and car numbers myself in the hotel's database; just in case they were here. I didn't find any matching names or car numbers. But if I found them, I'd personally call them and give them a heads-up.

Whatever they were doing, where-ever they were going, be it right or wrong, it doesn't concern me. But if by telling them means saving their lives, I'd do it.

Hey, for all we know, probably the phone was simply thrown in any of the rubbish bin in Cherating, just to divert these hunters? :p

I don't see the point of this post...