Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's Do Some Living, After We Die.

How many turning points do we have in one lifetime, really?

Just when I think that my course is set, my heart surprises my mind with the dominating power that it has over my behaviour, and how my mind just willingly let my heart take charge, because the faith that I always have in my own heart.
Right now, it's telling me to tone down my razor sharp edges, sit back, and observe. I'm missing out something, but I'm not sure what it is yet.
Because if it's always about being practical and logical, there is just no colour in life.

At this point I believe that, to some extent, there is no right or wrong; just different opinions among human beings. When we tend to disagree with each other, we tend to label each other as "wrong", or "bad".

Wrong or bad is never when we disagree with each other.
Wrong or bad is when you force your opinion on others.
Wrong or bad is when you dictate.
Wrong or bad when you harm others.
Wrong or bad is when you abuse.
Wrong or bad is when you judge.

I have been wrong too.
I have been bad too.
But I never meant to be any.
There are times, too, when I have been wronged.
Some are forgiven, and forgotten, and some are not; because I am not a saint.

If we can only live, and let live, we can look past our disagreements.

Not always we get exactly what we want in life. Sometimes, the substitute compensates.
Sometimes, we just have to make peace with what is just solidly not meant to be ours.

What makes us let go of things that we WANT the most in life?
Tolerance to things that we already earn and own in life, which we cannot afford living without.
Because what we WANT the most in life is not necessarily what we NEED in life.

Holding on makes you brave, but letting go makes you grow.
I have things in life I have agreed not to own, but have not made peace with the fact that I won't.
Letting go is never easy...

I am still angry, and disappointed, and sad over a lot of things.
Yet, I am grateful for what I've gained by my own, and what are given to me.

Some people seek consolation in believing that life beyond death will give them everything that they long for.
So let's do some living, after we die?

What got me into writing this?

I don't know...

Something is just twitching inside me, and bugging me.
I fucking hate this feeling, because I don't know the root of it.

It's very subjective, isn't it?


Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Am I Doing?

No words. Too lazy and too tired to rant. Just collection of pictures taken at Cherating beach, and a few random pictures taken on occasions. Nothing much lah.. Just the beach, and my face mostly. :p
my thumb rules when snapping pictures are:
1. I shall show no fat.
2. I shall show no scalp.

Why the second one? Haha! Because my hair is thin. Genetic-related hair thinning. Not going to elaborate as this post is not about my hair~~ Plus, when my friends tell me, "oi, go to Yun Nam lah!", I tell them, "No need. My face compensates." 

Anyway! Picture time!

Picture taken in october, 2011. From left : moi, Salma, Reene, and Suha. All are my colleagues.

ATV!! It's an activity we have here. Basically you just ride that funny bike through a track made in the thick bush.. because we don't have a real jungle here?
Anyway, it was fun!!

one more pose~

This is Sharina! We were at Teluk Cempedak in this picture, but no point telling that anyway, because it's too dark to capture anything in the background. I sat on her lap here! :p

my old uniform. I stole someone's stapler there, because I know I don't own that stapler.. I'm sure I gave it back already tho!! Anyway, this was during last Christmas. Kind of busy, but still managed to snap some pics~

Only the Coffee House staffs had the cap! :(
Why? Us at the Front Office don't have to look adorable? :(((

One evening. It was our day off, and we didn't know what else to do after dinner, so we went for a walk at the beach. When one girl start taking out her camera and snaps, everyone does the same!
I remember that this was during the rainy season. No fun going into the water during this time of the year. The water gets very turbid. :(

Me and Sharina again~

The one on the left is Kak Yana~ 

More X'mas picture! I dunno how long they took to make this snowman. Some midnight workers said that he whistled a lot at night...

I've posted this picture before. Me and our Santa Clause. Actually We just caught one of the security guy and made him wear this and round the hotel for half an hour to give away goodie bags to kids.He's name is Bakhta.

Beach BBQ Party. Thrown as a farewell for Mike. He's getting married this June, so he switched jobs and moved to KL

This is Bob, also working at the Front Office...

... and Suriati...



Mike worked hard to get the best shot for this picture!

This is just on a random day. Actually we just came back from the clinic on this day. I was sick. :(

Again, some random pictures taken at the beach last week. :p

Fish! I forgot what fish was this tho. I have no idea why is this picture included here. Just that it was in my thumbdrive, so I just uploaded it.

GENTING TRIP!! I think I went there last February? I can't recall... Went with a few friends on a day trip.

We took the cable car!

There, I made the picture large-ass. Again, I was sick on this particular day. Had a fever, and I was on my period. Sucks. But the trip was fun tho! The last time I went to Genting, was when I was 5 or 6. I have no memory of that day! :o

Some fake deer in the jungle~

Almost there...

...and we're here!! Pinapples!

No matter how much my friend was brain-washing me into getting my ass onto this, I JUST COULDN'T!

It's always chilly up in Genting, I guess. But this was a sunny day. It was like, you can feel both the cold breeze and the heat of the sun on your skin.

Tall, dark and... handsome? Hahaha!

Only raging dinosaurs can make me smile! But too much scalp here. No no. But my smile compensates, okay?! So shut the fuck up! :p

We tried a few games. The ghost house was UTTERLY LAME. I've seen worst, and they were the real thing too. But the ghost house was lame anyway! I mean, c'mon! Everyone sits in their coaster unit, and the coaster rolls on a track along inside the ghost house, and every time you come to a corner, the dim light turns up a bit and there was a stupid-looking ghost doll there doing nothing with a speaker at the back trying it's best to make a spooky sound... REALLY?!

 I didn't do the roller-coaster either. Because I was scared sick. I didn't want to die on the spot and trouble anyone, okay?! So while my friends went for the roller-coaster, I sat down with a cup of orange juice which they charged for RM6. Bloodsucker... Real bloodsucker. We charge RM8++ for a cup of hot coffee in out Coffee House at the hotel. So I shall shut my foul mouth on this. :p

A lot of Genting service people are UTTERLY IDIOTS!!
They can't smile, and made it clear from their faces and behaviour that they are sick and tired of seeing people coming to their places!
I'm not talking about just one guy at one store, but this is like the norm that they have there!

By the end of the trip, we had some time to kill while waiting for the cable car to pick us up, so one of my friends thought that we should try the lucky draw games they had there.

I wasn't sure how to play the games; like if I were to throw the balls into the cups, how do i get the balls? What do I have to give to the vendor? Exchanged tokens, or cash?
So I asked one of the vendors.
Instead of having the ability to listen and understand my question, he went on babbling about the rules of the games at his stall.
While looking at me as if I was the idiot one, he explained that I had to buy the card which has like, credited tokens. I';m lazy to explain la. If' you go there, you find out for yourself la hor.
Then after reluctantly, stupidly, throwing the three gigantic balls which bounces and will DEFINITELY never land on the cups' mouth, I told the vendor that he's a big liar. ._.
Hey! Don't judge me fro snapping! I was sick, I was on my period, and I had to deal with idiots!

Anyway, after trying out one game,  I was already steaming inside. We were going to try this game where we get to shoot cans with the toy rifle or something, but one of the darts hit the side of my head because the idiot playing before me had serious coordinating issues, I raged again. The vendor giggled at me, and the guy who shot me just gave a glance then kept on playing.

BUT! My friend bubblily *AHEM!* insisted that we should try another game,  and another...



Overall, Genting Highland is just over-rated leh..

Okay, end of rant.

Aaanyway, so far I'm doing just fine here.

I have no other commitment than my work, so that's where most of my energy is channeled to. I got promoted from the Front Office Supervisor (FOS) to one of the Duty Managers last March after Mike left. Thanks for opening the spot for me!! ^_^

I shall brag! The promotion was super-fast considering that I got into this field with zero experience, and I had been an FOS for only 7 months back then. On average, it takes AT LEAST 3 years of experience as a receptionist before one get to become a manager. 

When my boss offered me the post, I asked him if he's sure that I have enough experience for the post. He said, "You can learn. I can always hire someone from the outside, but I'd rather give chances to someone who knows the workflow better."

Well, I believe that I can do anything within the human being's capabilities, provided that I am given the chance to learn how to do it.
I am grateful. :)

I won't say that this was pure luck for me that I got the job because Mike quit! I worked hard too! I gave in my best with my work, and I'm proud of my efforts. I'm lucky that I have a lot of people patiently teaching me whatever I needed to know too. When I frist started working here, I screwed up so much and fought with a lot of people! :p

The promotion came with bigger money (yeah, like 3 times bigger than my previous earning, okay~), but upon signing the promotional letter, I greedily asked the HR manager if I can get a raise upon confirmation.
Buay paiseh much, hoh?! :p
right now I'm still under probation for the new post. if all is good, I'll be confirmed on the 1st of June.


While I'm not seriously working, I run around doing things like in the pictures.
All of those pictures were taken from my friends' cameras tho. The camera on my phone is not working anymore. :(

I should invest on getting a new camera. :3

Someone once told me a good tip.

"Every time you get your pay, buy something you really, really want. Just one item at a time tho. Don't get greedy and go broke. that way, you can see where did the hard-earned money go into, else than food."

Make sense, right?