Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Was A Cinema Cashier Girl.

I was a a cinema cashier for a while before I started working in the hotel. Was working in MBO in Seremban, from May to July, 2010. 

this one lehh...

The work was waayyyyy easier and less complicated than what I'm doing now. If you have worked as a front office assistant, you would know how complicated selling rooms can get! :D
What else? I was paid by the hour. 
I was wearing my white blouse, with the uniform vest on top, and a necktie, which was later switched to a bow-tie, and a skirt on some days, slacks on some others.

My uniform now.. Not that I'm saying anything~!
And, ofc I'm not the one in the Santa costume! :p

The best part was that I could slam stupid customers right on their faces. >:)

Now, mind you, what I'm about to write is solely based on humans' behaviours, and my passion to bitch on stupidity; so please do not relate it to your bad experience with the brand, if there was any. In fact, maybe by the end of this rant you will be enlightened of how stupid and useless and annoying you were; and maybe, just maybe, it will inspire you to be a better human being. :)

Sitting at the cashier's counter gave me the chance to observe customer's behaviour, and they can be funny, or annoying at times.

The most common and annoying scene that I see is when a couple is in the queue to buy their tickets. It's always like,

Boy : Nak tengok movie apa? (So what movie to watch?)
Girl : Ntah. You la pilih. (I don't know. You choose.)
Boy : I ikut you aje. (It's up to you tho.)
Girl : La. You la pilih. (You choose.)


and what do I say to these idiots?

"Kak/Bang, kalau tak decide lagi nak tengok movie apa, pegi pikir dekat showtime board atau Now Showing screen oke. Pilih dulu, baru queue. Saya amek customer kat belakang tu dulu. Terima kasih. (If you haven't decide yet, please go and do your thinking in front of the showtime board or the Now Showing screen, I'll take the customer behind you first, thank you.)"

What I said made sense, right?! 
I mean, if you were the hopeless boy/girl, you might think that I just humiliated you, or I was rude; but what if you were the person queuing behind these retards? You should be thanking meh~
Besides, there's a reason why we put up like, five screens all around the box office counter (BOC (the counter where you buy your movie tickets.)). It's not because we love wasting electricity; but they're there to assist you to decide what movie to watch at what time before you queue up for your tickets, so that you don't slow down the queue by by showing me your stupid clueless face!

The worst experience that I had was when I was pushed to the point where I actually yelled at a guy. before I go on, here's a small lesson on how do we, the service people do our thing. It's the same thing applied wether you're working in a cinema, or a restaurant, or even at the hotel I'm working in now.

1. Greet the customer. Smile.
2. Show choices available to the customer.
3. Take order.
4. Repeat and reconfirm order.
5. Receive payment and thank the customer.

This happened on one day when I was doing a double shift, if I remember correctly. I'll just make it in the dialogue form~

Me : Welcome. Which movie, sir? (I trained myself to give away a sincere smile after this question)
Idiot : Transformers.
Me : Ok. The earliest is at 11.30AM. How many person?
Idiot : (paying more attention to his phone) 4 adults.
Me : Ok. Pick your seats, please.
Idiot: (Now he was looking at the screen to pick seats) G4, 5, 6, 7. (then back to his stupid phone)
Me : Ok. Transformers at 11.30 AM, today, for 4 adults. RM44.00 (these details were also written on the screen for the idiot to see, but he was neither looking at the screen nor listening to me) Thank you, and enjoy your movie. 
So Idiot paid for the tickets and left the counter.
Later, much much later that day, when I was about to finish my shift at 12 midnight, this guy came stormed to the counter. BUHUHUHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sure you can guess what happened by now, but I'll continue with the dialogue~

Idiot : You! I asked for the tickets at 1130 PM! You gave me 11.30AM!
Me : (At this point I already forgot his face, so he barely made sense to me. Took the tickets in his hand, and recalled that I sold the tickets to him, as my username was on the tickets.) Yes, I sold this to you, but you were the one who wanted this.
Idiot : But I thought it was at 11.30PM! Besides, who watch movies at the cinema so early in the morning?!
HAH! You THOUGHT! Don't lie to me! You don't even have brains to begin with, so you can't think!!
Me : So, sir, before I printed this tickets, I repeated your request. I showed you the movie timing on the screen in front of you. I clearly differentiated between AM and PM. So tell me... (Here comes) WERE YOU LISTENING TO ME OR WERE YOU NOT?!!
Idiot : Why should I?! I was... err.. busy with my phone... (GOD BLESS!! He knew by now it was him who fucked up! Even had the nerve to admit that was too busy texting! Talk about speaking and acting without thinking?! Dickhead!)
Me : Of course you should! Otherwise, how would I know what is in your head?! you think just because you showed your face here, I instantly know what do you want to watch?! What am I, a mind reader?! Do everyone a BIG favour, the next time someone repeats your order, LISTEN!
Idiot : Uhh.. I don't care. I want.. a refund...
Me : Get lost! you AGREED to buy THESE tickets! Ain't my fault! Shoh!

The idiot stood at the counter for a good three minutes, trying to realize and digest what just happened, and curse himself inside, all while looking at me with a poker-face.
He left the RM44-worth-tickets at my desk and left. I'm still keeping it till now, just so that I can remember what an annoyingly sweet memory it was. :)))))))

Three days later, he came back with a big grin on his face, to buy four tickets for the same movie again. Lesson learned, I must say. He purposely queued at my counter, out of three counter we had that day. I don't care what was it he was trying to prove...

What is it with people always approaching the counter, and expecting us to KNOW what movie they'd like to watch even BEFORE they tell us?!

While some people can be annoying, simply because they were lacking civics conscience, sometimes people just behave so badly towards their own partner. There was this one particular case which I will remember forever, so that it reminds me the kind of bitch I should never, ever be; stupid and snobbish.

On that day, a couple came to my counter. the wife was standing in front of the husband, and the husband was carrying their baby. I don't know what it was about her, but there was something about her that was so bitter. At that time, I was simply thinking, "well, they probably just had a fight or something,"
What do I care? Just another customer to be served.
So she chose the movie, the showtime, and the seats. Orders repeated. Done deal. 
"Dah. Bayar. (Done. Pay.)" she said to her husband, and then walked off.
That was when I realized, that her husband was twitching, trying to hold the baby carefully, while digging into his pocket for his wallet with ONE HAND. He doesn't have the other hand...
And that wife of his just walked off on him, just like that, without even, once, turning around to take a look at how her husband who was struggling in front of me... So he paid for the tickets, and moved on to find his wife.
Damn. I can even ramble about this. Judge her as you please, thank you.

These were the annoying parts, and not that they happen THAT often, considering that I sold tickets to hundreds of customers daily.
Happy people with brains came to the counter happily, went with the flow accordingly, and made things easy for everyone. 

I made a few good friends too, while working there. the colleagues, the customers. Still keeping in contacts with some of them, in fact. :)

I always liked the popcorn. Caramel coatings made it good, right?

I guess, my (not so pointy) point is, while we, the service people are PAID to serve the customers, it doesn't mean that customers can go around being all high and mighty and stupid as they please, just because they think they're always right. Please, only McDonald's says that; not everyone! 
It's not easy to not wear out on yourself serving people, and be equally sincere to everyone all the fucking time, you know. I've had times when I was rude to the customers, but that only happened when they were being ridiculously STUPID. Otherwise, I was, and still am always smiling while serving the people who brought in money to us, the service people. Sincerity can't be faked, you just have to have it in your head, and heart. if you can fake that, go Hollywood instead.

Why am I still in the customer service? To come in contact with as many people as possible, observe them, and learn how to talk to and handle different people differently. I'm teaching myself what good it brings to be a person with a high level of tolerance.
You can tell by my words and my language what a headstrong, self-righteous I am, right? :)
Challenging myself to curb THAT, and to become more flexible to communicate with.

So, am I not an Angel? :3