Thursday, February 23, 2012


It's waaayyy early in the morning, I'm wide awake, and I'm going in for work in three hours from now. I want to sleep, but I'm not sleepy. So I better not sleep. If I sleep now, I won't wake up, and I will kena from my boss. Aiyah.. So no sleep for me! So what do I do? I do fat-burning, ab-shaping exercises blog. This is a draft that I've been keeping for a long time. Always have the thoughts in my head, but never the words.

I'll start with my conversation with Mike on Facebook. Yes, yes, I am back on that FuckFacebook.

This. Is. MIKE.

Me : People come, people go. Some stay for life, some are assholes. Some are simply Godsent.
Mike : But the assholes are the ones who have thought you the most about life, true?
Me : Godsents aren't necessarily the nice ones. In my definition, assholes can be a Godsent too.

It's true isn't it? At some points of our lives, we're bound to come across people who changes us, be it in a subtle , or a dramatic way. I've met a few, too.

Some are just people whom I've met at a brief time. These people came and left; never seen or heard of again, but something that they have said to me, or done to/for me, that might have changed my course.

Some are bound to be mates for life, no matter how much we might have disagreed with each other at some points, but the connection just refuses to break itself.

Some are people whom I loathe, and curse to death, for all the pain and tears, and with some muscle-power, kick out of my life. :p
But do I regret crossing paths with these motherf'ers? Never. Nuff said.

I guess the pinky-pink dialogues have expressed all of my points la, so I need to elaborate no more.

"I pity you la, Naz. keluar mulut naga, masuk mulut kucing utan."
Damn you, Mike. I hate how you're always cynically right. :p