Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beware of Shafinaz. She Barks.

I watched Ghost Rider today.
Watched the first movie countless times on HBO because it was awesome, IMHO (OMG, why am I typing like this with abbreviations?? OMFG LOL. Fish!). The second one has a lot of story lines to it, but it was just okay. Not something that I'd watch again, at least.

AND! I'll definitely not watch anything in 3D again! Why? Because the stupid spectacles thingy is so damn fucking annoying!

It was a subtle reminder for me of why I have sworn on contact lenses for the last seven years. I simply cannot wear glasses because my fucked-up facial structure cannot hold the frame properly to my face. Anyway, that's another story.

So, the barking part.
My three-months experience working in a cinema taught me how to pick the best seats when watching movies, which I will not tell here, because I'm a greedy asshole, and I don't want anyone to steal my seat! :P
But there is never a guide to overcome another asshole in a cinema hall, then to bark at him/her.

I took my seat, and watched the trailer. Things were nice and peaceful until the people behind my row took their seats. It was this guy who sat right behind my seat... He's a total retard!

Idiot! He was kicking my seats like a camel! What the hell was he doing?!

Excuse me, I paid for tickets to be in a cinema, not a mother-fucking zoo!! GAAAHHHH!!!! RAAGGGEEE!!!!

If your legs are to long to sit in a row sandwiched by two other rows, do the rest of the customers a favour and sit somewhere at the most front seats la, bodoh!

I tried my best to not say anything to this guy, but he kept on kicking, and kicking, and kicking, and kicking.... I turned around, and, after 10 minutes into the movie,


There. Problem solved. Kicking stopped. But you know what else annoyed me? The girl who sat next to me on my left.
What the hell did she learn when growing up?! Didn't anyone tell her to close her mouth when chewing food?! She was making too much noise while munching on her popcorn.

Good for her that I was already into the movie, otherwise I'll help her to finish her popcorn! Hmph~