Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Best Is Yet To Come.

No raging this time around. Bad temper is no good.

So.. nobody's asking, but what have I been doing this whole year?
Travelling. In the outer space, probably. Well, I did a little bit of physical travelling, but I did a lot of soul-searching.

Searching for the answers to the many questions.

I've done things; things I'm glad I did, and things I'm not very proud of.

I've been looking at myself in the mirror a lot lately because I'm so awed by how hot I am and, truthfully, after being in this body for so, so long, it only occurred to me recently that I'm not a high school teenage girl anymore. I am a fully grown, functioning 24-year-old human being. So many things that I can achieve with my God-given hands, and mind. I wonder if it happens to everyone, or I'm the only retard who's too slow in understanding and digesting.

Whatever happened to that cute, innocent face and proportions?! T___T

Do you know what radioactive isotopes are?

The exact definition have escaped my mind years ago because I only remember reading this for my SPM chemistry paper. In fact, I can't remember if it was physics or chemistry paper. I shall digress a bit here! Why on Earth did I score physics paper better than biology paper for SPM?! I'll never know.

Back to radioactive isotopes.

I had a friend who called me this once because he thought I'm the most unstable girl he have met. I can be all jolly, giggling and laughing; and just one wrong word; I'd snap, sulk, and rot in a corner, puffing off smoke like a ready-to-erupt volcano. I'll throw tantrums. In fact, I'll throw things around me. Fuck, that's really, really ugly... I'm sure you can name a person in your circle that behaves exactly like this, and you always want to slap the person, deep down! :P


Believe me, I've been trying, and am still trying to be as calm as I can be. Anger management without a coach is not that easy, you know. 
Nothing is easy when it comes to admitting your errs, lowering your ego and say, "Yes, I know I was wrong, and I'll try to improve myself."

Hey, I'm not going to speak all-wise as if I've lived 50 years worth of life. I believe there are still a lot more lessons of life that I need to learn. Taking each day as it comes. So far, things are turning well for me. Acheiving things I didn't know I can reach in such a short time. Maybe just my luck. All I can say is that there are people who are happy for me, and there are rotten ones who aren't. well, I never have the problem to tell people I hate to fuck off.

As I was saying, I'm taking each day as it comes. So much I want to gain, so much I want to give, and hoping for the good to get better. The best is yet to come? Perhaps. :)

p/s : Just feel like writing something of slow-mo in nature, or some sort; just to get the blog-bug up and biting again. I want to swear and rant to the max again!!