Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Is The Matrix? (Tilt Your Head)

I just finished watching the movie The Matrix.

I've watched it many many many many times before. I was madly in love with Keanu Reeves's big, pretty eyes and pretty face. I didn't mind that Lawrence Fishburne didn't close the teeth gap. The movie used to be the coolest, awesome-est, wonderful-est thing I've ever watched.

That was then, back in 2001.

I don't think so anymore.

On impulse, I've downloaded the trilogy about a few weeks ago, and only got to watch the first part today. Been mad busy. *BLATANT LIE*

Now that I've watched it again, it makes me wonder...

...why the hell was the movie seemed so so so so awesome back then, and not anymore now?

Back then, the head tilt, and their hair styles, and their action-packed scenes made me hold my breath and pull my hair while I go, "PICK UP THE STUPID PHONE, NEO!!" but now I feel like it was such a lame movie.

Then I thought, it's not the movie that's lame, it's just that the scenes from the movie had been parodized (I dunno if this word exists) so many times, that the real things seem.. blahh now. Poor The Matrix. :(

I shouldn't feel like this against the movie! The movie is a really something good to watch! It's like, taking drugs, without actually taking them! I think...

Oh my Keanu~~ :3

But really!

All of those parodies are so stupid! Now I no longer have the drive to watch The Matrix trilogy! What a waste of time and space to download them. :(

But I really got nothing to do, and I've run out of movies to watch, so I guess I'll watch them anyway...