Friday, March 11, 2011

That Brief Moment

I have so many frustrations against mankind. Sometimes they bother me so much, I feel ashamed to be born as a human. We are all just too, too ugly, because we take mankind's greatest gift for granted; our intelligence.

Yeah, call me sick in the head, for worrying about something unchangeable, and something that I simply cannot help. But the feelings are always there, like how annoying it is to have sand stuck in between the toes.

Are we really that intelligent?

If we are, then why the hell are we so damn stupid?

Why are we too stupid to open our eyes?
Why are we too stupid to open our minds?
Why are we too stupid to open our hearts?

Is it really hard to keep our differences to ourselves, and not smudge it all over the corners?

Is it really hard to accept a person who does not accept your ideas and concepts, as another breathing human being?

Isn't it nice, for once, if we can forget the differences in colours,
and how we choose to dress, 
and forget how we choose to believe in God; or not, 
and forget what we like or not like about each other, 
and forget about money, 
and forget the history, 
and just get along?

Have you got no pity for our poor, old Earth?
All of us fools are still here, walking on it, yet, it spins for us.
Have you got no sense of shame?

Do tears mean anything anymore?

Ignorance is bliss.
But to try to ignore, with the fake hope that we can secure a perfect world that is under control, is like to live in our delusions willingly.
To deny our impulse is to deny the very thing that makes us human.
But hey, some of us have fucked up impulse.

For a brief moment, I stopped caring if the world ends tomorrow...
I want to be in that brief moment again.

p/s : The Matrix is real! :O