Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suitcases and Garbage

I've completed my internship leehh~~~

Finished last Friday. Immediately packed up, and came back home that very Friday evening. I've moved around many many times. Since finishing high school, I've been moving around (almost) all over Selangor. Let's see my record here.

August 2006 : Moved from home to IUCTT in Sri Damansara.

November 2006 : Quit Twintech, packed up and came home.

December 2006 : Moved from home to Unisel in Batang Berjuntai (now known as Bestari Jaya, as the previous name is said to contain profanity element... But I like the old name better. :p ). 

December 2007 : Moved to Unisel hostel in Section 7, Shah Alam. 

April 2008 : Moved out from hostel to rental house, also in Section 7. I stayed in the flat houses area, in Block 33.

May 2009 : Landlord got mad greedy, kicked us all out of the house, so moved to a new place, also in Section 7, just next to Unisel.

May 2010 : Moved to Batang Berjuntai again, because some brilliant people in Unisel thought it was a good idea to shit my faculty to the jungle.

November 2010 : Moved to Sungai Dua, Penang.

March 2011 : Moved back to Jitra.

You can see in the course of almost 5 years, I've moved around NINE TIMES! Beat that! Ok, don't beat that. I know people who've gone through worse. :p

Because I've known that I still have no place to quietly settle down, I've always tried to keep my stuffs at minimum. I didn't collect mountains of shoes; I collected hangers. I got all sorts of colours. Now that I'm home, the wardrobes are FILLED with hangers hangers HANGERS!! :p
Nonetheless, when moving out of houses, I didn't have as much items as some of my friends. Well, they've got places to keep'em. I don't. :(

But still! Somehow I've got plenty of this and that!! It's annoying! :(

Out of nowhere, my clothes bred like bunnies. Tonnes of shirts, tonnes of baju kurung, and tonnes of blouses!
That explains why I have soooo many hangers. :p
I'm a lazybum. So I don't fold my clothes. I hang them in the wardrobe.

I've got tonnes of nail polish bottles too! :D
I like nail arts, so  like to have as much colours as I can.

It used to be worse!
I used to keep lots of bags and shoes too. But I stopped buying and started to slowly throwing away the old bags and shoes, so now I'm down to two pairs of heels, one pair of sandals, one pair of high platforms, and a pair of flip flops somewhere...

My makeup items are at a minimal amount. I don't impulsively buy 10 different shades of eye shadows. I stick to brown shades all the time. I only have two shades of lipstick, and a jar of Vaseline is for heels and lips.

I have no hair accessories. I need to have hair first, in order to have hair accessories. Nuff said.

I only keep three pairs of earrings. A pair of whites, a pair of blacks, and a pair of silvers. Fit all of my clothes.

See? I don't have much stuffs right? You know it's true, because the number of shoes and earrings and hair bands that you own is no match to mine! :p

Yet, it's so annoying to pack them all up when I have to move....

p/s : You can never win me when it comes to hangers! I have more than 10 different colours, and there are about 12 to 24 for each colour. :3