Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Really, Who Is Your God?

To be In a Religion Is Like To Have A PENIS.
It's normal to have one.
It's nice to have one.
But for the love of God, don't show it off in public, and don't shove it down your children's throats.

I think someone famous said this, but I can't remember who. I find it funny. If you don't think so because you don't want God to get angry on you, then STFU and GTFO. Still not happy? Apa lagi? Print it out and hand it over to my father.

Seriously, if you have fun showing off how religious you are in public, it's wrong!

It's not God that you're worried about, isn't it?
You're just worried about being teased by "people".
Now, I'd like to ask you a question.

Who are these "people"?

Are these "people" relatives? If it is, then why would you want to keep judgmental people like this around?
Are these "people" friends? Oh, go and play Monopoly instead! To hell with them!
Are these "people" the media? You're so deluded. :p

You know what? I think the "people" are YOU. Yes, you, the hypocrite is too coward to be real and face the world. Your conscience must be really fucked up.

I'll help to sort it out for you.
First, allow me to tell you the truth about yourself. You will deny it, but you know it's true. Accept this into your heart, and your mind will be clear, as your heart will be at peace.

Or, you'll fall on your knees and cry like a stupid noisy baby! >:D

It seems like...

The truth is...



That's right! If the sole purpose of your life is to make people envy you, to look up at you, then you definitely have no life, or not really living life. Who the hell goes around constantly worrying about "what will people say?"?

All-year-round, all you can think of is how to make people praise you, and you are so damn fucking afraid if someone FINDS OUT YOUR STUPID FILTHY DIRTY SMELLY SECRETS! Such as, your daughter flashes her tits on the internet to random strangers; or you've cheated on your taxes; or your wife smokes, but you're scared someone will find out because it's not socially accepted in your community... Idk, just sayin'! Maybe you've killed someone?

So... If you think, you are abiding God's law, you're insulting God, my dear. I'm sure God will put you to Hell for relating your fucked up way of life to God. I should know, because just like you, God contacts me personally on my mobile phone.

I feel sorry for you. Please die quickly.

"She click "Like" on all of your Facebook status because you are in a limelight now! She wants to have a company, after all of those misfortunes she went through, so that she won't be alone!"

Oh, please. What stupid limelight? What misfortunes? She revealed the ugly truth about them. Plus, So what if she agrees with me? At least we are not hypocrites like you. We speak our minds, instead of bitching around at the back. What comes out, comes out.

It's called freedom of speech, idiot.