Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If You Are Wrong In All The Right Ways

I'm a strong fighter against stupid mindsets.

By stupid mindsets, I am talking about people who thinks their opinion matters, and everyone should agree with them. Please please please rot and die.

It's easy with me. I have a lot of opinions in my head. I don't specifically single out a person and shove all of my thoughts down his/her brain (well... I kinda did it to a friend, Nick; while his dealing with his own stuffs... Sorry!); but if I'm asked, I'll pour it out as it is. No sugar-coating, thank you very much!

Now, this is MY blog, so this is MY AREA. I'm free to write whatever the hell that I want here, and if you don't like my ideas, I don't see the reason why do you have the need to read my thoughts. Go and write your own blog if you have opinions of your own; people will read them IF they are interested. Get lost.

It is really suffocating to be chained down to a spot and not be able to help yourself, especially when the reason is your opinions clashes with people around you, and you refuse to live your life according to THEIR preferences; because it will kill you. 

Why should you, right? No one else knows yourself better than you do, and no one else knows the rights and wrongs of this world according to your point of view, else than yourself; right? Right! 

Sure you may say, some people who are older -- like your parents -- knows the world better because they have lived longer. Sure, they want the best for you. But it's just normal that things may get wrong too. Everybody love their parents, but after all, for how long shall one be dependent? 

At least if you've done wrong, you don't have to blame anyone else... Besides, "the best" is not what you've always wanted. Not everyone wants to be fucking rich.

/If you've got parents, but you're not, AT LEAST, financially supporting them even if you're earning more than you need, even if you yourself are already growing white hair, and they're still working to feed themselves, don't think you can preach on me for my statement. Your money is too precious to be given away, isn't it? Shut up.
Trust me, they're cursing you deep down, for being so useless./

This is what I stumbled upon Yahoo! Answers; and I'd like to share it here. You can click on the title to see the answers given for the girl's question. I've edited a bit, just to fix the caps and stuffs like that.

Would you run away from home if you were in my position?

I am over 18 and am Muslim. Since high school, me and a guy have been crazy in love and we can't be together because of my religion. It's been about 5 years now that I've been trying to forget him but I love him too much. 
He keeps on getting girlfriends to help him move on, but ends up leaving them because he's still thinking of me. My religion is beyond strict. I'm not even allowed to drive with a female friend to school. I live inside the house and that's about it. 
I am getting married to someone I've never met and am not attracted to at all. I don't want to hurt my family but I am crazy in love with this guy and I know that I will never get over him. I don't want to be married to someone and thinking of someone else. 
Maybe, I don't have the same beliefs as them. I know that some believe family don't kill family but Muslims will do anything to keep their reputation, I promise you that. It's not God that they're worried about. They worry that people might call them bad parents or tease them about how they're bad and that's why their daughter ran away. 
They expect me to be happy living like a bird in a cage. They think, just because they fed me and bought me things, it makes me happy. Love is all I ever wanted. 
I believe God is great and has mercy. I believe that as long as you believe in God and be a good person, you will go to heaven. Tell me something; if I lived the rest of my life with a scarf on and doing everything a Muslim does but not believe in it, what's the point? God can read my heart so does it matter if I pretend to believe in the religion? Women and men should be treated equally. Is it fair that if i lose my virginity i get killed for it but if my brother did the same thing, he'll be forgiven? (my own notes : Oh honey, he's the one with the shaft; you're the one with the hole and the womb. It's almost wrong to have a hole, baby girl. Tsk, tsk, tsk. /sarcasm to those who forgave her brother.)
I wish I can be with this guy but my family will kill me if they ever find me. I am in a position where I'm only trying to keep THEM happy. Don't I deserve to be happy too? I am not trying to be selfish but this is cruel. I've thought about suicide but I am too much in love to ever do that. I never want to hurt anyone but I am so in love and I just don't know what to do anymore. What do you think I should do? Would you run away if you were in my shoes? and would you feel guilty? What's your opinion?

Girl, pack your bags and just walk away. You know what you want. God sent him to you, and he will take care of you. Take your shampoo with you! He loves the smell. ;)


"Sehingga kita diadili di akhirat kita tidak boleh dengan angkuhnya merasa kita tidak berdosa dan orang lain yang berdosa. Allah s.w.t. sahaja yang mengetahui segala dosa yang dilakukan oleh sesiapa, termasuk Nik Aziz (atau mana - mana manusia yang sesuai. Dakwaan Nik Aziz (atau mana - mana manusia yang sesuai) yang dianya beriman, setelah mengkafir dan memecahbelah orang Islam, membuat berbagai-bagai tuduhan, akan ditentukan oleh Allah s.w.t. Tidak memadai dengan pengakuan Nik Aziz (atau mana - mana manusia yang sesuai) yang dianya beriman."

- Che Det. His brilliant opinion is applicable everywhere, in my humble opinion. :3