Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warm Coke Your Head

I found a funny quote on Youtube.

"It's just hard for geniuses to find love because the world is full of idiots."


I purposely made it pink and Italic to make it look all majestic. :p

It is so true!!!!

I mean, who the hell drinks warm Coke?! Coke isn't meant to be warm, idiots!

"Oh, we're living in a warm country, so we must drink something warm like a can of warm Coke hahahaha,"

You want something warm, you drink a stupid cup of warm tea of coffee or even warm water, you ass!

Normal people drink CHILLED COKE!

I don't care if you don't agree with me, your opinion doesn't matter to me because you're ugly. I'm elegant even when I pick my damn nose.

What is it with people thinking that their opinions MUST BE HEARD and ACCEPTED by the whole damn world?! 

Just because you like your walls and curtains to be brown, doesn't mean people who like theirs to be pink are anything less than you. 

For all you know, you're an ass and nobody even tells it to you because they fucking pity you and all of your miserableness! 

For all you know, your curtains look like they've been used for wiping damn asses!

I have no obvious reason to put a big ass picture of a bunch of badgers held up together.

My point is, is you have a damn point that's different than others', don't try to rub it onto other people's faces; keep it to yourself! Use it for yourself! It makes you look damn stupid if you're trying too damn hard to shove it down others' throats.

You are indeed damn stupid if you think you are so important to everyone around you. Guess what? Don't be surprised, if one day, your wife pours gasoline on you and burn you while you're sleeping (they even made a movie out of this!). 


For example, if you drink warm Coke, I'll think you're a moron. But that's where it ends. 

I won't be another moron by taking the damn Coke away from you, and sit you down for one hour of stupid lecture of how you should not drink that bloody warm Coke; because my opinion simply not matters to you! 

Besides, we can all agree that I am a moron for thinking that I have the goddamn right to take the warm coke away from you, because the fact that you like to drink warm Coke doesn't bother my life in any way! 
It has no significant impact! 

So who the hell am I to tell you to stop drinking warm Coke as if it was making cancer grow in my stomach?! 

If I don't like it, then I don't like it! I don't have to force others to not do what I don't want to do! It's not like this is a military camp, where EVERYFUCKINGBODY HAS TO HAVE STUPID HAIRCUT SO THAT THEY BELONG?!

I guess I've made my point now. If you still don't get my warm Coke analogue, just... just go and drink a can, or just rot in a corner, you're hopeless.

Imma go and waste more time on Youtube watching makeup tutorials with the hope that I'll look less ugly, when the fact is it'll just make me look more like a clown with all those stupid colours flying around all over my damn face!

Why the hell am I scolding myself off?

Fuck you, badgers.

I just feel that this screenshot is very meaningful to me because Xiaxue replied to my comment. Maybe you can click to enlarge, or something.