Saturday, February 19, 2011

OMG, kawaii des-FUCK YOU!!

*title for this entry is Jespish's idea*

I have nothing against Japan, nor the Japanese. They're, well, there; on the map. They mind their own business. They're good with creating stuffs, we all know that.

But it REALLY irritates me when I see a wapanese!

It's like a disease! These people spent a lot of time reading mangas (those Jap comics), and watching animes (those Jap cartoon series (oh, no, they're not cartoons; they're animes!)) to the point where they are literally detached from reality.

I once knew a girl who watched too much of Slam Dunk, and fell in love with the main guy in that story, and she cried many many times at school, saying, "I'll find him! He is somewhere out there waiting for me and it's true love!"
Uhh... Yeah... Why not order a RealDoll, hun? It's kinda real...

The other kind that is detached from the reality is the posers. Well, whatever they do, they are posers, basically. 

I'm not talking about Cosplayers here. Cosplaying is, in my opinion, creative and artistic. 
But it's definitely not healthy when you BELIEVE that you are the real version of an anime/manga character, and walk around 24/7 trying to eat, talk, walk, and even breathe like an anime character!

For example, this is what you say to your friends before you leave the class, "Jyaa ne!" or "Matta ne!"

Unless that was you leaving from your weekly Japanese language class, DON'T FUCKING DO IT!!
Seriously! It's not cute! It's stupid and ugly! I CAN DAMN CHOKE YOU WITH A PAINT BRUSH!! 

Stop it! You're hopeless...

Then in comes the camwhoring part. Mild camwhoring IS OKAY. Who wouldn't want a good picture of him/herself? But these posers, it'l like they have a certain pose-codes that they follow. Well, I'll just show you a picture.

I'm digressing a bit here.

Now, as you can read (I assume you can), this entry is about insulting those wannabes, yet here I am with an example of a wapanese pose, using my own damn face. It is because I need a reason to show my face here I have integrity.

The reason why I took the trouble to put on make up and blush up my cheeks like a jackass, and lift my laptop's built-in webcam high up, and bloat up my face like a retard is because I don't want to use a random stranger's face as an insulting object/subject. 

Eventhough they deserve to be insulted beyond mercy, I will not take a random stranger's picture and put it here and insult it, as I wouldn't like it if I was treated like that. I won't single out a face here, it's not like any of them have killed my mother or anything. So, if I don't like it myself, I won't do it to others, regardless of how jackass-ish they are.
Oh my, I'm such an angel! :3

Seriously! What the hell are you people thinking?! What's with that bloated up face?! You're holding mouthwash in there, is it?! (I was going to say semen, but, yuck...) It's just stupid.

It's not cute to pose like that, especially if you didn't come from the east of Asia!! It's already vomit-inducing to see a Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese/any-other-oriental-nationalities to pose with that high-angle, bloat face! We can all agree that it's EVEN MORE disgusting to see Caucasians/African-looks/Indians (yes, I'm trying my best to be polite here, shut up) to pose up like that!

Oh, pardon me. I fucking forgot to put my damn fingers up in front of my damn face showing that peace signal!

What's up with those signals?! You think you'll be able to end all of the wars by putting up that signal?? Not only that you induce hatred towards your own face, and mom, but you also cause people to break out with rage!! Nothing peaceful about that, idiot!

Wake up! You can't be like those animated characters!They aren't real! We are real humans! Our eyes don't make up 1/2 of our faces, our skins break out, and we'll get wrinkles! If you keep acting like this, where the hell are you going to be when you're old?!

Oh, well. Why do I bother? Let natural selection take its course.