Monday, February 21, 2011

My Name Is NAAN, and I'm Not a Roti.

I wonder how much longer can I eat burwiches for dinner? Well, at least it's upgraded. Breads are whole-grained and toasted, then there's some iceberg lettuce in them, mayo, and chili sauce, when I feel like having some. :3
It's easy! No garbage (onion peels, chicken skin, egg shells) -- that I might forget and turn into a breeding ground for maggots -- that I should worry about too. :p


Karan Johar tried to send us a message from the movie My Name Is Khan. Unfortunately, manusia mudah lupa leh~

"There are only two types of people in this world; the good people, and the bad people,"

There, I made it all bright and big so that it sticks into the head of you dumbasses out there, if you have any. 

I'm sick and tired of promoting things like, "respect others' privacy" and "anti-racism"; I've been doing that on Facebook (while I was there) A LOT. But I shall not stop bitching, because I am one stubborn girl!

We all can't forget Yasmin Ahmad. Unfortunately, we've forgotten her messages. In my opinion, her movies and My Name Is Khan carried the same shit. What's the shit again? It's written in big bright blue letters up there, ass! In most of her movies, she tried to tell us that all of us humans are the same. Naan and roti are both made of wheat!

We differ in terms of colours and religion and race and cultures, but that is not the reason to bound ourselves away from each other. Why the hate? Where the hell did all the hate come from? What's with stereo-typing? I like stereo-type jokes, but that's where it ends. I don't take them seriously and make them as guidelines for life!

Why do people always try their best to link everything to a race or a religion?

"Muslims are terrorist."
"Kelantanese are snobs."
"Chinese eats pigs."
So?! If they wanna eat pigs, let them! Why the hell are you offended? What's with the butthurting? Are they shoving the pigs into your mouth? Were the pigs your friends?!
If you don't eat pork for whatever reasons, then just don't fucking eat it. Easy. No need to go on a hate-bandwagon and stupidly act as if you're super-holy or Kiwi-Kleen-clean!

Why all the hate?!

Have anyone watched that video on Youtube where a Malay boy forced an Indian boy to say "keling babi"? (keling babi = Indians are pigs)

Look at our youths. Obviously we're all fucked up, and we're all going to hell. We have no hope. Yes, I'm judging you racist bastards out there. I don't care if you think I'm wrong for deciding the future. Shut up. Go watch your kids.

To the stupid guy behind the stupid camera, I'd say, FUCK YOUR OWN ASS. You must be an embarrassment to your family. You must be a failure. Your mother should have drowned you in the well when you were a baby. You deserve no respect. I hope that your diet will consist of only pigs from now on. You hate pigs so much isn't it? What, you think you're so clean and sterile?!

To the poor bullied boy in this video, I'd say, don't let things like this put your will down. Lift up your head. Karma will take its time on those idiots who've bullied you. Pulling through from something like this will do you good in some ways; it'll make you a stronger person from within. Many are with you.

What the hell happened to Rukun Negara? Are they there only as decorations? In case you have forgotten, the 5th Rukun is


There. I made the letters big bright and blue so that it stick into your dumb heads!

I've faced racism back when I was in school, and even before that, but of course it was not on the same level on what this poor boy had to go through. Words like, "you don't belong to this country, so you can't play with us!" were shoved up my face. Good parenting there. I'm not going to elaborate anymore on this, because remembering my own smelly shit is nothing nice.

I'm not saying that we all should go through homogenizing and make all of us into one same damn thing. But at the same time, some of us failed to respect differences.

At first, when I was still young and stupid and incapable of thinking deep, I just liked Sepet because it was different. Then I saw how Yasmin tried to dissolve the bordering lines that makes the couple different. They tried their best to make it work, but no, stupid daddy had to be an idiot who went all "he's no good becuase he's different," and all of those bullcrap. In the end, everybody died in a plane crash (I fucked it up real good, eh? Go and watch it yourself la! I'm not going to sit here and do a storytelling, okay!)

The point is,

spread love~ :3

Enough with the drama, okay?

I guess no matter how much no one can really fight racism to 100%, but we all can learn something from it, and share it with the rest.