Monday, February 14, 2011

If I Was Doing Okay

Says who only Fuckfacebook keeps people connected?!
Blogger can do it too!

Fuck you, Fuckfacebook!
I like to swear, so be it! What's your fucking problem? If you've got problems with me, go blame your mother for giving birth to you, asshole.

I have a new friend today! :D
He said he found my blog out of the random. AWESOME!

Ok ok enough of ass-kissing :p Going to be a bit emotional from now on.

He did the editing. I'm still dumb with photoshopping.


I was just on the phone with him half an hour ago. He called me to ask if I was doing okay

He also told me that some of my friends are concerned *tears* and are wondering where the hell have I disappeared to since I am not on Fuckfacebook anymore. 

Well, I'm alive and I'm doing fine. I'm eating my food, and I'm combing my hair, so I guess I'm still sane (despite all the shoutings I gave to the walls in my room). Don't worry, Penang Bridge is just nearby, but if I get to choose the way I die, I don't want to die drowning; so I won't jump off.

Text me, I'll reply. :)
I got nothing to do with my credit balance anyway. I only text Susi and my mom, most of the time.

Oh yes, in case you were wondering, I don't mind making the effort to type the word "Fuckfacebook" than the word "Facebook" because I simply like to type the word "fuck" so much. 

In fact, I like to type the word "fuck" so damn bloody much that the letters "f", "u", "c" and "k" on my keyboard are now faded

You think I'm a bloody bitch? Well, I take no offense of it, since it's coming from you, who is an asshole.

Oh yes, I am so famous that I have to make a blog post that says I'm still alive and doing okay; when the real fact is, I've got almost no friend. :p

Just kidding (not really), but I really appreciated it that Qusairi called and said hi on behalf of those who asked. :)

I've never been in the mood to make any friend anymore, because I feel most of the time people are just going around being jackasses. 

I don't know that statement is made based on what. I just feel so. Often I see people sitting around gossiping about each other, judging that girl who just walked out of the office to go the the bathroom, because she, for example, likes to drink tea!
Seriously! Stop judging! You think those friends who you sit and gossip with don't say anything bad about you when you walk out for the bathroom?!

I'm not gonna be a whiny bitch and say "it's so hard to find a good honest friend" because I'm not even looking for one. Already have people who actually call me to ask if I was doing okay or not; which is more than enough. So what if I've got little friends? At least those whom I have don't even bother to think if I was special enough or not before the pick up the damned telephone and call me and ask, if I was doing okay.

It's better than to have a sibling that says, "WHY SHOULD I ASK ABOUT YOU? DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THAT SPECIAL?!" Well, if I'm not special, why bother?

This whole entry is kind of a mess without an exact point wtf. -_-U