Monday, February 14, 2011

Breakfast Failure.

I can't make up my mind for lunch! D:
What to eat? What to eat? What to eat?

This morning, I wanted this

taken from

and this

taken from

Every single morning for as long as I have been walking to USM, the stall which I always stopped for my breakfast have never failed to sell these two meals. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I don't; but THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE.

Except for today.

Today, when I really really wanted it.

When I really really wanted it because I just recovered from my fever and I WANT FOOD!

TODAY, out of the blue, they suddenly decided to replace those two heavenly meals that gives me a reason to live with THESE

Ok no need to write where I got this from it's already stamped there, you ass

the picture of cekodok that I had earlier turns into an ah-long like red painting that says, "HOTLINK NOT ALLOWED".What an ass!! This Hana girl is nice to allow copying. :3

And what I can say is that the ones they were selling didn't look as appetizing as these pictures... Can I eat the screen?


Why today?!
GAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I want my bihun goreng and proton saga!!
I want I want I want!!

YOU PEOPLE BETTER SELL THEM AGAIN TOMORROW OR I'll just wait until you have them again. ._.