Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Disturbing Dream.

I've had many disturbing dreams, which I can and cannot recall. But what I dreamed of last night was disturbing, gory, 18SX (you're not 18? GET LOST!!), and... well... retarded.

I dreamed that I applied for a job, and when it was my turn to be interviewed...

...I was raped... a woman...

...with a dick.


Then she tried to ass-rape me. But I told her that she might get her.. thing snapped into two if she tries that by using my biological knowledge and explained to her the nature of the surrounding muscles on the back, all while being... raped by a woman.

I need a psychiatrist. I apologize sincerely if you're mentally disturbed now, or you're eating.

I warned you...

THEN! Out of nowhere, I was involved in a mission to kill some sick bribe-taking politician fella. He was supposed to be chainsawed, you know like those you see in SAW movies.

He was chainsawed by a guy in the nature as shown on the picture below:
why the hell did I make time for this...?

The red lines show the parts that were cut. So, now his body is in four pieces. Then he disappeared from the dream. Then the gore part came...
The cuts were suddenly on my body!!! I was in four pieces!! Gosh it was so painful in the dream and I was bleeding from my backbone, when I woke up the pain was actually there and I didn't dare to move!! :(

In that dream, I was trying my best to keep myself intact so that I don't suddenly tumble away from my hip!

I really think I need a psychiatrist...