Monday, February 21, 2011

My Name Is NAAN, and I'm Not a Roti.

I wonder how much longer can I eat burwiches for dinner? Well, at least it's upgraded. Breads are whole-grained and toasted, then there's some iceberg lettuce in them, mayo, and chili sauce, when I feel like having some. :3
It's easy! No garbage (onion peels, chicken skin, egg shells) -- that I might forget and turn into a breeding ground for maggots -- that I should worry about too. :p


Karan Johar tried to send us a message from the movie My Name Is Khan. Unfortunately, manusia mudah lupa leh~

"There are only two types of people in this world; the good people, and the bad people,"

There, I made it all bright and big so that it sticks into the head of you dumbasses out there, if you have any. 

I'm sick and tired of promoting things like, "respect others' privacy" and "anti-racism"; I've been doing that on Facebook (while I was there) A LOT. But I shall not stop bitching, because I am one stubborn girl!

We all can't forget Yasmin Ahmad. Unfortunately, we've forgotten her messages. In my opinion, her movies and My Name Is Khan carried the same shit. What's the shit again? It's written in big bright blue letters up there, ass! In most of her movies, she tried to tell us that all of us humans are the same. Naan and roti are both made of wheat!

We differ in terms of colours and religion and race and cultures, but that is not the reason to bound ourselves away from each other. Why the hate? Where the hell did all the hate come from? What's with stereo-typing? I like stereo-type jokes, but that's where it ends. I don't take them seriously and make them as guidelines for life!

Why do people always try their best to link everything to a race or a religion?

"Muslims are terrorist."
"Kelantanese are snobs."
"Chinese eats pigs."
So?! If they wanna eat pigs, let them! Why the hell are you offended? What's with the butthurting? Are they shoving the pigs into your mouth? Were the pigs your friends?!
If you don't eat pork for whatever reasons, then just don't fucking eat it. Easy. No need to go on a hate-bandwagon and stupidly act as if you're super-holy or Kiwi-Kleen-clean!

Why all the hate?!

Have anyone watched that video on Youtube where a Malay boy forced an Indian boy to say "keling babi"? (keling babi = Indians are pigs)

Look at our youths. Obviously we're all fucked up, and we're all going to hell. We have no hope. Yes, I'm judging you racist bastards out there. I don't care if you think I'm wrong for deciding the future. Shut up. Go watch your kids.

To the stupid guy behind the stupid camera, I'd say, FUCK YOUR OWN ASS. You must be an embarrassment to your family. You must be a failure. Your mother should have drowned you in the well when you were a baby. You deserve no respect. I hope that your diet will consist of only pigs from now on. You hate pigs so much isn't it? What, you think you're so clean and sterile?!

To the poor bullied boy in this video, I'd say, don't let things like this put your will down. Lift up your head. Karma will take its time on those idiots who've bullied you. Pulling through from something like this will do you good in some ways; it'll make you a stronger person from within. Many are with you.

What the hell happened to Rukun Negara? Are they there only as decorations? In case you have forgotten, the 5th Rukun is


There. I made the letters big bright and blue so that it stick into your dumb heads!

I've faced racism back when I was in school, and even before that, but of course it was not on the same level on what this poor boy had to go through. Words like, "you don't belong to this country, so you can't play with us!" were shoved up my face. Good parenting there. I'm not going to elaborate anymore on this, because remembering my own smelly shit is nothing nice.

I'm not saying that we all should go through homogenizing and make all of us into one same damn thing. But at the same time, some of us failed to respect differences.

At first, when I was still young and stupid and incapable of thinking deep, I just liked Sepet because it was different. Then I saw how Yasmin tried to dissolve the bordering lines that makes the couple different. They tried their best to make it work, but no, stupid daddy had to be an idiot who went all "he's no good becuase he's different," and all of those bullcrap. In the end, everybody died in a plane crash (I fucked it up real good, eh? Go and watch it yourself la! I'm not going to sit here and do a storytelling, okay!)

The point is,

spread love~ :3

Enough with the drama, okay?

I guess no matter how much no one can really fight racism to 100%, but we all can learn something from it, and share it with the rest.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cooking With Shafinaz

I just brilliantly came up with this recipe I thought of while sitting here doing nothing, so I'd blog it out before I forget~

Fry some chicken chunks and make them nice and crispy, then stir-fry them in broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots.

End of recipe.

Nyeh nyeh nyeh~ I'm not sharing the details for the flour mix with you! You're too dumb to get it anyway.

This whole entry is a a pure waste of my energy, and your energy. This recipe is nothing special. Google "chicken broccoli stir-fry", and you'll get something nice leh~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

OMG, kawaii des-FUCK YOU!!

*title for this entry is Jespish's idea*

I have nothing against Japan, nor the Japanese. They're, well, there; on the map. They mind their own business. They're good with creating stuffs, we all know that.

But it REALLY irritates me when I see a wapanese!

It's like a disease! These people spent a lot of time reading mangas (those Jap comics), and watching animes (those Jap cartoon series (oh, no, they're not cartoons; they're animes!)) to the point where they are literally detached from reality.

I once knew a girl who watched too much of Slam Dunk, and fell in love with the main guy in that story, and she cried many many times at school, saying, "I'll find him! He is somewhere out there waiting for me and it's true love!"
Uhh... Yeah... Why not order a RealDoll, hun? It's kinda real...

The other kind that is detached from the reality is the posers. Well, whatever they do, they are posers, basically. 

I'm not talking about Cosplayers here. Cosplaying is, in my opinion, creative and artistic. 
But it's definitely not healthy when you BELIEVE that you are the real version of an anime/manga character, and walk around 24/7 trying to eat, talk, walk, and even breathe like an anime character!

For example, this is what you say to your friends before you leave the class, "Jyaa ne!" or "Matta ne!"

Unless that was you leaving from your weekly Japanese language class, DON'T FUCKING DO IT!!
Seriously! It's not cute! It's stupid and ugly! I CAN DAMN CHOKE YOU WITH A PAINT BRUSH!! 

Stop it! You're hopeless...

Then in comes the camwhoring part. Mild camwhoring IS OKAY. Who wouldn't want a good picture of him/herself? But these posers, it'l like they have a certain pose-codes that they follow. Well, I'll just show you a picture.

I'm digressing a bit here.

Now, as you can read (I assume you can), this entry is about insulting those wannabes, yet here I am with an example of a wapanese pose, using my own damn face. It is because I need a reason to show my face here I have integrity.

The reason why I took the trouble to put on make up and blush up my cheeks like a jackass, and lift my laptop's built-in webcam high up, and bloat up my face like a retard is because I don't want to use a random stranger's face as an insulting object/subject. 

Eventhough they deserve to be insulted beyond mercy, I will not take a random stranger's picture and put it here and insult it, as I wouldn't like it if I was treated like that. I won't single out a face here, it's not like any of them have killed my mother or anything. So, if I don't like it myself, I won't do it to others, regardless of how jackass-ish they are.
Oh my, I'm such an angel! :3

Seriously! What the hell are you people thinking?! What's with that bloated up face?! You're holding mouthwash in there, is it?! (I was going to say semen, but, yuck...) It's just stupid.

It's not cute to pose like that, especially if you didn't come from the east of Asia!! It's already vomit-inducing to see a Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese/any-other-oriental-nationalities to pose with that high-angle, bloat face! We can all agree that it's EVEN MORE disgusting to see Caucasians/African-looks/Indians (yes, I'm trying my best to be polite here, shut up) to pose up like that!

Oh, pardon me. I fucking forgot to put my damn fingers up in front of my damn face showing that peace signal!

What's up with those signals?! You think you'll be able to end all of the wars by putting up that signal?? Not only that you induce hatred towards your own face, and mom, but you also cause people to break out with rage!! Nothing peaceful about that, idiot!

Wake up! You can't be like those animated characters!They aren't real! We are real humans! Our eyes don't make up 1/2 of our faces, our skins break out, and we'll get wrinkles! If you keep acting like this, where the hell are you going to be when you're old?!

Oh, well. Why do I bother? Let natural selection take its course.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Saints That We Are Not.

Who is nice enough to sacrifice?

In the world that we live in today, is there really anyone who is nice enough to sacrifice him/herself to the extend it becomes the definition of the said person's life? Maybe there is a little amount of these people. I've heard a story about a guy who never got married because he devouted his life to take care of his sick mother until she died. He was 40 when the mother died. He said, he didn't want to be married, in case his wife will not like it that he pays most of his attention to his mother.

He is one of his kind. I know I won't be able to be that noble. 

I'm not going to kid myself and say that "I will do it if I have to do it" just to make me feel better. Don't be an idiot, and lie to yourself, will you? You'll just confuse yourself to no end.

To want to sacrifice, and to have to sacrifice, are two separate things.

When you WANT to do something, you gladly do it. No reluctance. No extra weigh. Your mind and your heart is at peace. Simply because it's what you want.

You want to wake up early. You want to do the dishes. You want to devout your life for your mother. You want to live your life as a monk. You're happy.

You want to.

Being a person that you have to be, can drain your soul dry.
You have to finish homework. You have to pretend to like people that you hate so much that you can murder them. You have to be stuck in a place you don't want to be in.

Your heart sinks to the bottom. You have to drag your feet, and squeeze through the minutes that pass by.
Nothing feels right. You're caged. You're not happy.

You have to.

The disgusting kind of sacrifice would be doing it just to get praised. I'm not even going to ramble about this. This is a whole different issue.

So, to what extend can one sacrifice willingly?
How long are you willing to live unhappily?
How long are you willing to keep it inside, and rot, and be bitter, and be a person that doesn't fit into the society in general? 10 years? 50 years? Until you die?

Why must one sacrifice to begin with?
It's not supposed to be called a sacrifice to begin with, if you're willing. But when you have to sacrifice, it's probably just your hope. Your last straw for something good to come out of it. Last piece of hope to make things work.

Sacrifices also can turn into obligations when there are expectations.
Expectations don't come from another dog or a tree or a stone; it come from humans. I'd say, expectants are oftentimes not willing to jump into the well themselves, so they try to push you into it, usually covered up with some lame excuses they come up with on why they can't do things they expect you to be.

Some sick, wicked, and sick-headed bastards (finally, profanity!) don't even have to jump into the well to begin with, but somewhere in their self-absorbed conscience, they feel like you should, and they try to force you too. To this group of assholes, I wish them illness. Go rot and die in a corner, and don't forget to get coated in shit as you do so, idiot!

(For a blunt example that might not be related to this entry, there was this one stupid guy who said to me, "over my dead body if you're going to marry that guy!", because he isn't really happy that he didn't get to choose my husband-to-be. I managed to dig for one myself! Oi! Who the hell are you to decide for my life?? What have you done for me, that I owe you so damn much that you think I'm going to even take your pointless opinions into consideration?! Your preferences means nothing to me so shut the hell up!!)

You're having fun expecting? Teach yourself to expect disappointment and failure. Then suddenly everything seems easier for you stupid asses out there.

I shall quote,

"Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst, and nothing in between shall be a surprise."

-Maya Angelou,  I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

See? No expectations! Why can't everyone take life easily the way Maya's mother did??

I'm not a saint or an angel, so I'm not going force myself to do thing I don't want to, in the name of sacrifications. Don't expect me to, because I might kill you by just hating you. Or, poison your food; whichever comes first.

I put myself first in everything, just like everybody else in general.


I guess the whole bullcrap is just an Asian thing. We all like soap dramas and long-winded sufferings, so we do these things to ourselves.

I don't care if my point isn't clear. If you're smart enough, you're getting what I'm saying without detailed explanations. Plus, I'm too lazy to think of analogues to my points. I'm sleepy!

I stopped in the middle of writing this and I went for lunch, so now I forgot the rest of my points, so I'll stop abruptly!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warm Coke Your Head

I found a funny quote on Youtube.

"It's just hard for geniuses to find love because the world is full of idiots."


I purposely made it pink and Italic to make it look all majestic. :p

It is so true!!!!

I mean, who the hell drinks warm Coke?! Coke isn't meant to be warm, idiots!

"Oh, we're living in a warm country, so we must drink something warm like a can of warm Coke hahahaha,"

You want something warm, you drink a stupid cup of warm tea of coffee or even warm water, you ass!

Normal people drink CHILLED COKE!

I don't care if you don't agree with me, your opinion doesn't matter to me because you're ugly. I'm elegant even when I pick my damn nose.

What is it with people thinking that their opinions MUST BE HEARD and ACCEPTED by the whole damn world?! 

Just because you like your walls and curtains to be brown, doesn't mean people who like theirs to be pink are anything less than you. 

For all you know, you're an ass and nobody even tells it to you because they fucking pity you and all of your miserableness! 

For all you know, your curtains look like they've been used for wiping damn asses!

I have no obvious reason to put a big ass picture of a bunch of badgers held up together.

My point is, is you have a damn point that's different than others', don't try to rub it onto other people's faces; keep it to yourself! Use it for yourself! It makes you look damn stupid if you're trying too damn hard to shove it down others' throats.

You are indeed damn stupid if you think you are so important to everyone around you. Guess what? Don't be surprised, if one day, your wife pours gasoline on you and burn you while you're sleeping (they even made a movie out of this!). 


For example, if you drink warm Coke, I'll think you're a moron. But that's where it ends. 

I won't be another moron by taking the damn Coke away from you, and sit you down for one hour of stupid lecture of how you should not drink that bloody warm Coke; because my opinion simply not matters to you! 

Besides, we can all agree that I am a moron for thinking that I have the goddamn right to take the warm coke away from you, because the fact that you like to drink warm Coke doesn't bother my life in any way! 
It has no significant impact! 

So who the hell am I to tell you to stop drinking warm Coke as if it was making cancer grow in my stomach?! 

If I don't like it, then I don't like it! I don't have to force others to not do what I don't want to do! It's not like this is a military camp, where EVERYFUCKINGBODY HAS TO HAVE STUPID HAIRCUT SO THAT THEY BELONG?!

I guess I've made my point now. If you still don't get my warm Coke analogue, just... just go and drink a can, or just rot in a corner, you're hopeless.

Imma go and waste more time on Youtube watching makeup tutorials with the hope that I'll look less ugly, when the fact is it'll just make me look more like a clown with all those stupid colours flying around all over my damn face!

Why the hell am I scolding myself off?

Fuck you, badgers.

I just feel that this screenshot is very meaningful to me because Xiaxue replied to my comment. Maybe you can click to enlarge, or something.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Breakfast Failure.

I can't make up my mind for lunch! D:
What to eat? What to eat? What to eat?

This morning, I wanted this

taken from

and this

taken from

Every single morning for as long as I have been walking to USM, the stall which I always stopped for my breakfast have never failed to sell these two meals. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I don't; but THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE.

Except for today.

Today, when I really really wanted it.

When I really really wanted it because I just recovered from my fever and I WANT FOOD!

TODAY, out of the blue, they suddenly decided to replace those two heavenly meals that gives me a reason to live with THESE

Ok no need to write where I got this from it's already stamped there, you ass

the picture of cekodok that I had earlier turns into an ah-long like red painting that says, "HOTLINK NOT ALLOWED".What an ass!! This Hana girl is nice to allow copying. :3

And what I can say is that the ones they were selling didn't look as appetizing as these pictures... Can I eat the screen?


Why today?!
GAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I want my bihun goreng and proton saga!!
I want I want I want!!

YOU PEOPLE BETTER SELL THEM AGAIN TOMORROW OR I'll just wait until you have them again. ._.


If I Was Doing Okay

Says who only Fuckfacebook keeps people connected?!
Blogger can do it too!

Fuck you, Fuckfacebook!
I like to swear, so be it! What's your fucking problem? If you've got problems with me, go blame your mother for giving birth to you, asshole.

I have a new friend today! :D
He said he found my blog out of the random. AWESOME!

Ok ok enough of ass-kissing :p Going to be a bit emotional from now on.

He did the editing. I'm still dumb with photoshopping.


I was just on the phone with him half an hour ago. He called me to ask if I was doing okay

He also told me that some of my friends are concerned *tears* and are wondering where the hell have I disappeared to since I am not on Fuckfacebook anymore. 

Well, I'm alive and I'm doing fine. I'm eating my food, and I'm combing my hair, so I guess I'm still sane (despite all the shoutings I gave to the walls in my room). Don't worry, Penang Bridge is just nearby, but if I get to choose the way I die, I don't want to die drowning; so I won't jump off.

Text me, I'll reply. :)
I got nothing to do with my credit balance anyway. I only text Susi and my mom, most of the time.

Oh yes, in case you were wondering, I don't mind making the effort to type the word "Fuckfacebook" than the word "Facebook" because I simply like to type the word "fuck" so much. 

In fact, I like to type the word "fuck" so damn bloody much that the letters "f", "u", "c" and "k" on my keyboard are now faded

You think I'm a bloody bitch? Well, I take no offense of it, since it's coming from you, who is an asshole.

Oh yes, I am so famous that I have to make a blog post that says I'm still alive and doing okay; when the real fact is, I've got almost no friend. :p

Just kidding (not really), but I really appreciated it that Qusairi called and said hi on behalf of those who asked. :)

I've never been in the mood to make any friend anymore, because I feel most of the time people are just going around being jackasses. 

I don't know that statement is made based on what. I just feel so. Often I see people sitting around gossiping about each other, judging that girl who just walked out of the office to go the the bathroom, because she, for example, likes to drink tea!
Seriously! Stop judging! You think those friends who you sit and gossip with don't say anything bad about you when you walk out for the bathroom?!

I'm not gonna be a whiny bitch and say "it's so hard to find a good honest friend" because I'm not even looking for one. Already have people who actually call me to ask if I was doing okay or not; which is more than enough. So what if I've got little friends? At least those whom I have don't even bother to think if I was special enough or not before the pick up the damned telephone and call me and ask, if I was doing okay.

It's better than to have a sibling that says, "WHY SHOULD I ASK ABOUT YOU? DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THAT SPECIAL?!" Well, if I'm not special, why bother?

This whole entry is kind of a mess without an exact point wtf. -_-U

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stupid Webcams

My laptop is one retarded unit. There's always something wrong with it. The screen, the sound, the built ins, the screen again...What a bitch! So, I am dependent to external webcam/microphone because I use Skype ALOT! Call me.

I can't really use my built in microphone for Skype because it doesn't really pick up my voice, so about half a year ago I bought an external microphone, you know, the one that is attached to the webcam. I thought, if I was going to spend RM30 for a new microphone, why not just add another RM40 for a webcam all together? Besides, my webcam is only at 1.3 mega pixel, while the external one was at 12 mega pixel. I GET TO CAMWHORE TO THE MAX!!

Unfortunately... I have never been lucky...

I will not trust PC0-Fair-RM38 webcams again! They are all rubbish!

I wasted roughly RM80 for these two cams... :'(

My purple bedsheet is cute ho? :p


I bought SSM webcam in One Utama, I think, at one of those booths they have there. The only units left were a blue cam, and a black cam; but the the black cam was the display unit. It was for RM50, but I insisted for the black unit, and haggled on, and I got RM10 off for buying a display unit. So I payed RM40 for it.

When I got home and tested the cam, my camwhore dream crashed...

This is the image that the cam gives me:

You can't see naked me~ jk :p

Like a censored criminal face, right? Fuck that stupid camera.

The microphone picks up my voice better when compared to the built in microphone, but with a lot of background noise! Once I tried to hold a three-way call over Skype with Jesper and Elin, but Elin's voice kept sinking away because Skype call prioritized my voice thanks to the extra noise the microphone made!

I tried to search for any driver update online, but it didn't work at all. :(
So I just keep using my built in camera for Skype or any other programs.

Then, on the 18th of January*, I purchased another webcam with a microphone, with the hope that I can eliminate the background noise problem.

The promoter plugged in the cable and tested it for me, and he showed me that the unit works fine, and I should be happy with it. I was happy with it. So I bought the Banana cam at a PC Fair in USM.

The first few days, it was left in the box, as I didn't have my laptop with me. I sent it in for some repairing. When I got back my laptop, I tried it...


Only for a few hours... 


The image from the cam started to turn like the one that I get from SSM cam, and the button on top of the cam that was supposed to change the image's colour mode broke and got stuck inside the stupid cam ball!
Same goes for the microphone! It worked fine for a while, then my voice started to get all muffled and fucked up!





Good thing that the stupid Banana webcam has a 1-year warranty, and I know where to hunt for a replacement. Will cost me a total of RM4 to get there, and get back home. Maybe I'll go there tomorrow. If I get a better replacement unit, I'll update about it. Otherwise I'll curse the manufacturer harder.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


You know what it is...

You've eaten this, probably many many times too...

But you keep calling it with a lame name, like a burger, or a sandwich.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you...



What is a burwich?

A burwich is a burger patty placed in between sandwich bread. 
You know, your Gardenia bread. :p

So, burger + sandwich = burwich!
Add in your favourite sauce, mayo, tomato slices, onion slices, your mom, and enjoy!

I am so awesome.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I Have A Daughter...

I want to rant about something, but i'm feeling calm today; despite the fact that I've reached the 21st pill last night, and by today I'm supposed to rage out of my hormonal fluctuation... (Oh yes, I take pills so that I can fuck around carefreely.)

See what I mean?
Eh fuck you lah! Don't simply assume can? I take them to repair some conditions. I'm lazy to explain. Why should I explain?! Idiot!

BUT I MUST WRITE SOMETHING!! Since I've got nothing better to do...

I'd love to rant about parenting, but hey, I'm not a mother, so what do I know about parenting, right?
It's not like I can tell a mother of a 12-year-old girl to stop telling her daughter to not wear this and not say that, so that, in the end, it won't break your heart when you found her lying to you!!!
Sigh.. I'm not a mother.. So what do I know about parenting? Can't ramble about this..

But I've decided on my child's name!
If it's a girl, I'll name her Aleesha. If it's a boy, I'll name him Adam.
C'mon, in a world where everything is getting globalized, it'll be much easier for them to have universal names, right? Right.

Nadia, Naema, Maryam (I love this name! :D), Alya, Danial, Adam, just to name a few...
Sure we'll say that names for our children are our prayers for them so we must be careful, but I choose to be ignorant. The end.

If I have a daughter, I don't know if I'll be able to tolerate with waking up at nights to attend to her needs; like her diapers and feeding. I'll kill my husband in his sleep if he refuses to help me with this. Damn you. What the hell do you think of yourself, sleeping there and snoring away, while I have to wake up to feed her, change her diaper, and change my pad all together?! We made her together, didn't we?!

Ok, ok... no point nagging over my delusions. I'm not even married yet wtf... -_-U
What? I can't be imaginative?

If I have a daughter, I will never let her be the victim of a mushroom haircut.

"Mommy idiot!" See? She's pissed off!
If I have a daughter, I will definitely teach her to moisturize her heels with Vaseline every other night before bed! What do you mean I'm pressuring her? I'm teaching her to be consistent. Plus, this healthy habit will guarantee her a virgin-like soft supple heels for a lifetime!

Digressing a bit!!

No, seriously, who came up with the idea that red heels equals to virgins and dry flaky heels means they popped their  cherries? Idiots..
I shall quote from my friend, Olie:

"Mak aku dah beranak lima dah pun, merah je tumit dia.. Ni ha tumit aku ni, merekah gile pasal aku cuci baju pakai tangan! Harus la kaki aku kena detergent kat dalam bilik air tu! Bangang punya jantan- jantan miang!"
(my mom gave birth five times and her heels are all red.. My heels are all cracked because I handwash my clothes! Of course I'll get detergent on my heels when I'm in the bathroom! Bloody perverts!"


If I have a daughter, I will train her to not be afraid of ghosts! I am very very scared of ghosts! >_< A small little crackly sound in my room, and I'll hide under my blanket! I don't want my child to suffer from the same mental disease...

Now let's suddenly end this because I just realized that nobody really cares about the things that I will do to my child. I should stop rambling.

p/s : My child will not have a mushroom haircut!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Disturbing Dream.

I've had many disturbing dreams, which I can and cannot recall. But what I dreamed of last night was disturbing, gory, 18SX (you're not 18? GET LOST!!), and... well... retarded.

I dreamed that I applied for a job, and when it was my turn to be interviewed...

...I was raped... a woman...

...with a dick.


Then she tried to ass-rape me. But I told her that she might get her.. thing snapped into two if she tries that by using my biological knowledge and explained to her the nature of the surrounding muscles on the back, all while being... raped by a woman.

I need a psychiatrist. I apologize sincerely if you're mentally disturbed now, or you're eating.

I warned you...

THEN! Out of nowhere, I was involved in a mission to kill some sick bribe-taking politician fella. He was supposed to be chainsawed, you know like those you see in SAW movies.

He was chainsawed by a guy in the nature as shown on the picture below:
why the hell did I make time for this...?

The red lines show the parts that were cut. So, now his body is in four pieces. Then he disappeared from the dream. Then the gore part came...
The cuts were suddenly on my body!!! I was in four pieces!! Gosh it was so painful in the dream and I was bleeding from my backbone, when I woke up the pain was actually there and I didn't dare to move!! :(

In that dream, I was trying my best to keep myself intact so that I don't suddenly tumble away from my hip!

I really think I need a psychiatrist...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's Practical? What's Logical? What the Hell, Who Cares?

This is a conversation over Skype between two random people who do not exist because they do not own Facebook accounts.

Jesper: I had a very disturbing dream...

Shafinaz: What happened..?

Jesper : Was gonna tell you about it on the phone, but you were so hungry, didn't want to ruin your apetite :) Dreamt that we bought a house together; and when we moved in, we found a mass grave in the basement...

Shafinaz : Awful..

Jesper : Thousands of dead bodies and thousands of skeletons from many years ago.

Shafinaz: I'd rather face that, then facing a bunch of dictative morons! I mean, ghosts? Pfft!
But morons...

Jesper : Yeah. Ghosts can be chased away with a banana or two...

Shafinaz : Yeah!

Jesper Magnusson: Morons, you need something else there...

Shafinaz : But morons, even if you tell them to fuck off, they still linger around like hungry diseased unwanted dogs.

Jesper : Yeah...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From Coffee to Rage/Rants.

I've changed my layouts. When I started the blog, I thought of making it look like, "dalam hati ada taman" thingie. Soft pastel colours all over. Then I re-read my posts, and it seems so tak ngam. So I thought I'd give a new touch to mah page. :p

Kinda Lalaland leh~ All pastel yellow and pinkie pink. Some more got tagline with the word "sweet" and in pink.
So now it's like how you can see. I have a feeling that I'll be ranting a lot about my anger againts the world.

p/s : I will hunt you and strip you down until the day you drop down on your knees and apologize. Then, MAYBE I'll forgive your sorry ass.