Saturday, January 22, 2011

Circle Lenses


I don't care if boring people like you out there thinks circle lenses are bad, or retarded. I LOVE THEM! I got a good deal at last week's pasar malam. The girls are bringing out the carts and selling them there, instead of selling them online now. Which is good!! Because they are much much cheaper like that. Plus, we can bargain. :p

C'mon we all know they are dirt cheap, and RM30 per pair IS expensive. :p

I'll get oxygen-deprived irises? WRONG! I feel more comfy with circle lenses, compared to my expensive-bought-from-opto-shops lenses!

There are always paranoid people out there who are so apposed to the idea of me wearing lenses, because they are so positive that I'm taking God's gift for granted, and I'm willing to sacrifice my eyes for the sake of beauty.. As soon as they found out that I'm wearing lenses, their reactions are like as if I told them that I am an alcoholic, or something. WHY THE HELL MUST YOU PEOPLE REACT LIKE THAT TO BEGIN WITH?! My sister has been wearing contact lenses for 20 years, even more, I think; and she's doing perfectly fine!

I CANNOT WEAR GLASSES, SO STOP TELLING ME THAT I SHOULD, AND MUST WEAR GLASSES FOR VISION CORRECTION. My facial frame is kinda fucked up. You can't see it on my picture, but it is. As soon as I get a pair of glasses on my face, the glasses sides (you know that part you place on your ears) will slowly bend in weird ways as time goes by, and after a month or so, I'll have a pair of glasses with distorted focus points What is a focus point? Google it if you don't know. The words themselves already explain what they are if you bother to use your brain and think.

Now that I have a pair of fucked up glasses, it'll fuck up my eyes too. Over the years when I was wearing glasses and was completely ignorant of the fact that I cannot wear glasses, I had to correct my visions 6 times! That's within 5 years. How many times have I corrected my vision since wearing contact lenses?

So please shut the hell up now. I am not going to wear glasses. Plus, they are ugly on me. Just because you are destined to be ugly in glasses, because your mom forbids you from wearing lenses; even though you're frikking 26 years old, which is old enough to decide what the hell you can or cannot do to yourself on your own; and you are paranoid, doesn't mean I must suffer the same fate too.

Of course, in order to be able to wear circle lenses and not get blind, like other normal lenses, the only requirement is that you must not be lazy. Or stupid.

You must not be lazy to take care of them, just the way you take care of your normal lenses. Don't leave them in your eyes when you go to sleep, you stupid lazy buffalo.

If you've piled on make up on your eyes, when you remove the lenses, make sure you rub off gently any traces of make up that might get stuck on your lenses.

Use protein removers once in a while. Don't be stingy! I'm sure you're not that poor, if you're crazy over circle lenses.

Just because they told you it'll last for a year, I'm sure you're not THAT much of a disgusting person. I change mine after 3 or 4 months.

Don't try to be hard to look chio all the time by wearing them until before you go to bed. if you must, give your eyes some rest. After five hours or so, take them off. rinse, rub, rinse, and soak for 5 minutes (I'm using Solo Care Aqua Multi-purpose Solution for cleansing my lenses, and they have this express clean-up thingy). If possible, soak longer than 5 minutes.
It is much better if you switch in between two pairs of lenses in a day. It's cool la~ 2 different eye-colour in a day! So not human. :p
This is the thing! They have new packaging now. I like the old one better, but whatever.
Don't wear your lenses for too long either. 8 hours is recommended, but we all know we always stretch that limit. :p
But yeah, don't be an idiot, and wear them for like, 18 hours!

So basically these are how I take care of my lenses. Don't come and hentam me ok. i never said I'm an expert. But just like sewing, if you've been doing it everyday for over five years, of course you'll know some of the do's and don'ts of them~

I'm still stuck at the noisy cafe, where words like 'lan jiao' and 'chee bye' are flying around from the nerds' mouths. Stupid laptop service center.