Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye Bye 2010, Hellu 2011 :3

I wrote a looooonnnggg post but stupidly closed down the browser so everything's lost. Which sucks.

But whatever!! :p
I try not to take EVERYTHING so seriously.

2010 is the year that was FILLED with ups and downs for me. I think this was the year I cried the most since I hit puberty wtf :p

May the new year brings us good, and fill our lives with smiles. :D :D :3 :D

Lemme recap basically things that happened this yearrrr >>>

-after months of talking and talking and talking to Jesper, he confessed. I gave it a go. Ok I admit I was FREAKING HAPPY about it that I was incoherent for a good 30 minutes. Left him with no answer, went offline, ran around the house, before I gave him a yes. I also admit that I was a chicken to not say anything to him before that!

- started working on my thesis under Dr Yap, along with Susi.

-daily lives were filled with lab works.

-hit by the worst news of the year. Our faculty was to move to the main campus.

-after months of trials and struggles, with the hope that we didn't have to move, it happened anyway. Fuck it.

-semester holiday, but not really holiday for me. Had to be around the campus for continuous lab works. One day in June, I think I died. I know I died. Continued with lab works. Spent the holidays with Susi who was also doing her lab works with me. Last few days of staying at Alex's house was sorrowful...

-since the faculty got shifted, Susi and I decided that we'll drive from Shah Alam to the main campus daily for classes, and continue with our lab works in Shah Alam. By this time, I have not recovered yet from when the "I think I died, I know I died". Things got really messy and fucked up with the faculty, and we had to move to the main campus anyway. So we did.
The shittiest place I've ever lived in.

-Kept going on with my lab works, working for my thesis. Days were FILLED with stresses! AAGGGHHHH I WAS REALLY GOING MAAAADDDDD!!!!! Had to live in such an awful environment, had to complete writing me thesis, and.. well. It was no fun being stressed up and living around stressed up people. Plus the damned 9000+km.

-FINISHED MY THESIS!!! Viva, hardcover, corrections.. everything got taken care of, somehow. Million thanks to Dr Yap for his patience to supervise probably the most incoherent student he ever has! Also to Susi. If she wasn't there, I'll be eating Maggi most of the time! :p
That was the HAPPIEST, HAPPIEST day of my life in 2010.

-Things are a lot better for me since I've finished thesis writing. That has got to be the ugliest thing I've ever done in my life.
-applied for internship in USM, Penang. Things are more calm and days are more organized.

-dear grandma passed away on the 11th of December. It was so sudden, I still cannot register her death into my head.

Since then, no more unfortunate event. Most days are normal, and calm. I lost weight, gained weight. I want to lose more. At least 10kg more.

let's just end this pointless rant!