Thursday, December 30, 2010

New-found interest

Internship semester is really going to kill my brain. I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm doing my internship in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Here is what my daily activities are at my post :

Supposed to report in daily at 8:30am, but since everybody comes in late, I normally reach the lab after 9:00am. 

By this time, normally most of the members are out for their breakfast. Most of them there are doing their master's degree, so they have rights to get in and out as they please, I think. So I'm not supposed to be in THAT late. But, uhhh..

If there's nothing to do (most of the time there really is nothing to do...) I'll sit down, turn on my laptop, and start spamming people on Facebook. I can't watch Youtube. The link is banned there, so I can only watch communitychannel at home. Sucks. :/

Then it's lunch hour. I'm already bored with the food around here... I know it's contradicting with the fact that I'm in Penang, and Penang is supposed to be the heaven of food, but to my defense, I don't own a transport, except for my pair of legs. So I only go to places within walking distance. I've never really explored the choices in USM, so I only know two places there.
But I still have to eat! I hope I've lost some weight!

I usually try to go out a little bit later, like at 2:00pm, as I hate crowded places. It's like, by 1:00pm, everyone flocks into restaurants and they all look scarily hungry. And angry. They all look like they are ready to attack the plate, dive into the rice barrel, and scoop out everything in sight. 
Some people pisses me off when it comes to lining at the ala carte buffet.

1. They are always not sure how much of rice they want to scoop out. Today, the aunty in front of me did this. She filled her place with rice, then she decided it wasn't enough, so she added in another, like, one tablespoon into her plate. Then probably she felt like now there's too much in her plate, so she shoved out a pinch from her plate. Now it seems so little for her, so she added some more! I mean.. WTF??! MAKE UP YOUR MIND LAH! YOU WANT OR YOU DON'T WANT! THAT MUCH WILL MAKE DIFFERENCE IS IT?! And to add to the horror, she took another plate and did the same! Prolly for someone who was there to eat with her, I dunno. There are like another battalion of hungry workers lining up behind me, and she stood there scooping the rice in and out! Damn selfish!

2. People who don't really know what to eat. I know it's not their fault, but if they want to think, they should stand in a corner, stare at all the dishes, and think there. No need to march around the buffet area. You're uselessly crowding the area. They just walk past the trays, end to end, undecided, and most of the time, they do it in a slow-mo. Sigh.

3. People who cuts queue. I don't need to rant about this. I'm sure everyone knows how annoying it is. But some stupidos just can't be saved.

I LOVE ikan keli!!! If you've never tasted it, you're missing a lot in life! :D
It's grilled catfish. It tastes so good and different from other fish because of it's distinctive flesh consistency. It's my all-time favourite. Teamed up with kerabu ulam, it's a divine combination!

After lunch, I'll go back to the lab, and continue doing whatever useless things I was doing. My daily routines are searching for a job, facebook, internet tv, and read on some crappy infos on other pages that will or will not be beneficial to my life. My current addiction will be
Damn hilarious, especially Xiaxue's Guide to Life.

By 5:00 pm, I'll pack up and leave. I dislike walking home, as the roads are very busy by this time. Plus, I walk home alone, with my laptop bag. So, being on guard all the time while walking home is kind of tiring. Why is my laptop bag so damn heavy?! What do I have in it?? 

Besides, it seems like people are crazier and crazier nowadays. They just kill people like it's nobody's business. Just a few days ago, while walking home, a guy approached me out of nowhere, asked my name, and said he'd like to walk me home. He claimed to be a student in USM, studying in Mass Communication programme, and stays nearby.

Maybe it's just me, but I assume that here, people don't just simply approach another person to walk her home. I was damn scared, but I felt pretty safe, as that is a busy road. Hawker stalls everywhere.
So he asked me if I was local or not (he isn't. I'm used to people mistaking me as a non-local, especially in a tourist island like this -_-; ), and he said I was beautiful (ahem), and here's the scary part...

He claimed to have been watching me walking down that street for a while...

I mean, that's how it always happen, right? Victims are watched for a few days, and then she's attacked. Ugh.. May all the souls of the victims of these sort of crimes find peace. :(

But thank God he didn't walk me far, so probably he wasn't an evil guy. I slipped in about my fiancee is coming to pick me up (which is a total fry-up) into our conversation, so I guess if he was trying to hit on me, that might have put him off, right? But better safe that sorry. After that I've never seen him again.

By the time I reach my room, I'm normally beaten up. I'll just throw everything onto the floor and hit the bed for a power nap. But normally I don't sleep. I just lay down to rest a bit.

On days when I'm not lazy, I'll cook my dinner, which are normally weird dishes I cook up on the spot. I'm not interested to spend three hours in the kitchen preparing a cuisine. On lazy days, I'll just tapau.

Yesterday I brought back a McD meal, and finished my dinner by 7:00pm. I stayed up late, so by 1:00am I was hungry again. I thought of cooking something fast, and decided to stir-fry some veggies. My bad luck. The shitake mushrooms had been infested with fungus (fungus on fungus. :( ), which was a disaster as I was salivating for that.

So I was left with cauliflower, and carrots. That made my stir-fry, but it was a bad idea to eat cauliflower...
I woke up with a tummy ache. :(

I think I've digressed from my point now.
I even forgot the point of this post.

Oh yeah.. My new-found interest.. I was going to show my photoshop works. So here goes.


This is my cousin. She might kill me if she sees this :p
This is my first attempt to use photoshop, so don't judge me! :p

I should be asleep.

Good night.